Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SOTD: Un Bois Vanille

Today I am going with the beautiful woody nectar of Serge Luten's Un Bois Vanille. This is one of those few scents that I can't really imagine anyone hating, then again I think vanilla is one of those scents that is easily liked by most noses (whether you want to wear it is a whole another story). Continuing my exploration of re-interpretation that takes place when bands do covers I offer you Thin Lizzy's Dancing In the Moonlight, first the original version done by Thin Lizzy and then the variation I think that is better than the original, the one done by the Smashing Pumpkins.
Thin Lizzy's:

The Smashing Pumpkins:

image provided by artmagick.com
image: The Love Potion by Evelyn Pickering de Morgan 1903
Thin Lizzy video uploaded by inlays
Smashing Pumpkins video uploaded by ScarTissuetwo


The Daily Connoisseur said...

I love that painting- I was happy to see the title because I thought she was creating a love potion or some sort of spell craft...

Again- love the songs- they are so different... I think that's what makes a good re-interpretation- when a band doesn't simply sing the same version but makes it their own.

Jenavira13 said...

Glad you enjoying the musical choices; music is so personal so you never know whether or not to share what you like, so when you lay out your music preferences, I admit I am always worried that I am going to hear "That sucks!" Isn't the painting pretty; hard believe it was created in 1903.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

LoL- I have that concern every time I put up a posting- the fear that I'm just going to get a comment saying "this sucks!"

Rose said...

Wow the two songs are so different! Billy Corgan has a great way of singing so you feel like he's just singing to you.

Un Bois De Vanille is the first Serge Lutens I really tried and I was instantly wondering how I couldn't have known about his house.

Very sadly I have accepted that on my skin it is more licorice in the dry down than it is at it's best and that I must stick to encouraging others to wear it. I still always have to smell it whenever I see a bottle and am thinking perhaps I could spray it on things rather than directly on my skin

Jenavira13 said...

Rose- Billy really does create a sense of intimacy with that song.

You know I have the same licorice issue with Annick Goutals Vanille Exquise.

Rose said...

interesting... Vanille Exquise is fine on me... but I don't like it as much as Un Bois (I still wouldn't kick it out of the perfume cabinet or anything!). Perhaps your skin is either good with one or the other.