Wednesday, September 03, 2008

SOTD: Diorissimo

It would be just my luck that after a stressed week of car issues that I would catch a cold, this is no shocker to me. When I get stressed (as happened last week) and then de-stress I usually end up getting sick, this phenomenon has been written about, the most likely to have this problem, college students. And it does happen everytime to me when I get done with a semester I usually end up getting a cold of some sort. Luckly this is a light cold so far.

As for my scent of the day, I am finally testing the mother of lily of the valley/muguet scents, Dior's Diorissimo, this is lovely and thought it would be a nice antidote to today's heat but this fragrance I realize is firmly a just spring scent.

The funny thing about muguet scents is long ago in my middle school years I adored muguet scents. My friends and I would fight over my little bottle of oil, called Rain, wearing the stuff on our movie nights, and thinking of it as the best thing in the world. Now though I rarely wear muguet scents, I think they remind me of an innocence that no longer fits my character, or the over-the-top feelings of adolescence. The strange thing is by the time I hit high school I had stopped wearing muguet scents.

The more I think about it muguet really is the perfect scent of girl beginning to enter womanhood, beautiful a just a little big narcotic with its hint of indoles and musk, but still full of sunlight.

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image: Lily of the Valley by Judith McMillan


ScentScelf said...

LOTV is such a strong note, and highly evocative of youth for many. I had a friend who could be brought to tears by the scent, because it so strongly reminded her of her childhood, her grandmother, and her father's hands (something about spring projects, I think).

I end up liking the idea of Diorissimo, and visit it (and have it visit my skin) occasionally, but ultimately would usually wear something else. Just the way it works for me; I am certainly glad it exists. :)

Jenavira13 said...

Exactly how I feel scentscelf, I will probably explore this more in spring, but wearing it continously as a choice will most likely not be a something I do.

Rose said...

I love Diorissimo, I think it's my favourite Muguet, in fact it's the first one I took any interest in.

The box and bottle are so refined and elegant too.

I once smelled an off bottle at an airport and it was awful so it's definitely one to look after.

Jenavira13 said...

Rose, at one moment I was contemplating buying Diorissimo because the packaging is so gorgeous.