Friday, July 08, 2016

Therapy in a Bottle: Izu by MikMoi

I am a person who stresses easily. I am just sensitive edged. So inherently fragrance for me is usually on the peaceful side, lets be honest while I frequently admire "loud" fragrances I'm not one to usually wear them.

MikMoi earlier this year came out with a series of bath products inspired by a recent trip to Japan. The collection features three scents and the one I was most smitten with is Izu. I ended up buying a lovely little bottle of the bath and body oil. As always Mik's perfumes evoke a sense of lightness and yet have excellent tenacity and longevity.

Izu smells like neroli to me at first and yet it does not contain neroli.. Rather the combination of yuzu, ylang ylang, and green tea create the fresh plush dense tart note of neroli in the opening. Eventually the neroli quality takes a step back and what enters is the scent of ylang ylang, for lovers of ylang ylang, Izu is most definitely worth a sniff.

As I've mentioned before ylang ylang does not get enough love in my book, the scent with the most prominent note of ylang ylang that can now be easily found on the market is Chanel No.5. Unless you know what you are looking for the aldehydes of No.5 can easily cover up the ylang ylang. I'm mentioning No.5 because the ylang ylang of that scent combined with the powderiness of the other notes has always created the image for me of No.5 being the scent of the just bathed. Izu also evokes this bathing quality, yet obviously it evokes none of the formal-ness or extreme architecture of No.5. Rather Mik has highlighted the lovely sensual musky just bathed skin quality of ylang ylang in Izu.

Izu is lovely natural contemplative scent yet the sensuality of ylang ylang has not been scrubbed away. An excellent scent for those of us who have a sensitive edge

As for my tiny bottle of oil, it has excellent longevity, and plenty of sillage. I rubbed a little bit of in my palm and ran it through my hair and floated around in a lovely cloud of ylang ylang therapy all day.

Try if you if like Chanel No. 5, Smell Bent's Pepper Ylang, or the scent of Mustela.

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Second image from Ctesthetic
Third image from Chen Bolan


Unknown said...

For a cheap and good ylang-ylang fix, try Cafe Gold Label. It's literally like $10 or less.

Etro's Royal Pavilion has a nice ylang, but it is also very civety.

I do not recommend Berdoues Musc Ylang Ylang because the sea/salt note make it not um, ylangy enough.

Have you tried Sira des Indes? It's champaca, but champaca has that nice sort of skank-banana smell too. I have 3 bottles as back ups.

I actually feel like ylang *may* make a comeback. It's in the new Gucci Bamboo (not stunning, but definitely a "safe" ylang) and Bvlgari's Goldea (too sweet, but nice to see ylang in SOMETHING post Ysatis)

Unknown said...

Okay, the mention of sea salt though has my ears/nose perked, so Berdous Musc Ylang Ylang might be good for me. Will definitely look into Cafe Gold Label. As for Sira des Indes for years I have wanted this too work for me and yet mainly I just get fruity banana with it. Every once in awhile I give it a spritz to see if my mind has changed but otherwise still no metamorphosis into true love. Hmm, I had no desire to try Bamboo but now I do, still looking for Goldea to show up on a counter near me. It would be nice for a resurgence of ylang ylang.