Sunday, November 12, 2006

Things That Make Life Delicious.........

There is nothing quite like culinary discovery (and no I don't mean as in I created something completely unique, but rather discovering something new to your palate.) And here are few things I have been reminiscing over:

-Crema/creme fraiche, this is the stuff that has made me wonder why on earth is sour cream so popular?! Crema is the Mexican variation of the French creme fraiche (and they do have a direct connection), which is the wonderfully creamy decadent thick cream concoction (milder than sour cream in sourness) of gorgeousness you want to put on everything. Buy this if you have the chance and ironically most grocery stores do not sell creme fraiche but do sell crema and so many have no idea what is under their noses. A note though if using it with fruit, check the salt content on the crema (this varies greatly from producers of crema, but this rule also holds with creme fraiche). Also, I highly recommend making your own crema/creme fraiche, tons of recipes on the net, just google it.

-Next up chicharrones, fried pork skins, no this is not something I eat every day, and you probably should not, but damn it they are delicious! You can boo hoo it all you want in PC terms, but you have to admit it is wildly economical in the fact that is uses all of the animal and I can't help but respect that. Savor it when you eat it but not everyday, besides you only live once. Best way to have them: a fresh corn tortilla, slathered with guacamole, a handful of chicharrones on top of it, a spoon full of hot salsa, and to make it a pice de resistance a dollop of crema. I'm simply drooling thinking about it.

-Pho, no more needs to be said other than this is comfort and the elixir of strength for a cold winter day in a bowl.

-Spanish smoked paprika, one of the best things to institantly make a dish smokily hearty without frying up the bacon (and i love bacon!).

-Chipotles, another smoky wonder of the world. Try it with sweet potatoes and die happily.

-The simple wonder of a fresh lemon when the zest is grated (alright this adheres to any citrus really) the unlocking of the essential oils of it with a zester is quite magnificant, and I love the way it perfumes the air.

-Saffron, I can't add anything to the centuries of adulation to this spice, so enough said.

-Garlic, my tongue would be a nun if it did not exist.