Friday, February 29, 2008

SOTD: White Aoud by Montale

So today I am sampling Montale's White Aoud (my first Montale aoud scent), I'm going to say it now but I don't think I am very good at wearing aoud, there is a harshness in it that just doesn't smooth out on me. I admit I rather love the opening, but the dry down is rather harsh on my skin. I would describe it as a dry chalky quality.
Summer Days by Georgia O'Keefe 1936

Thursday, February 28, 2008

SOTD: Sublime by Jean Patou

So today I am sampling Sublime by Jean Patou, which is one of those scents that evokes so many things, it opens on a sunny silvery floral opening and then eventually morphs into what I think is the scent of a rich confident woman.
image provided by
Lili Marlene by Grace Hartigan 2006

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SOTD: Chanel 22

Going with the luminous and powerful, Chanel 22. Such a lovely sparkling dry scent. Envelopes you in green and white (this is what always comes to my mind when I wear it.). Perfect for Spring.

image provided by

Green Heart by Christopher Reilly 2007

Monday, February 25, 2008

SOTD: Super Citrus Monday

So I realized that I haven't done any layers in a long time and that I really don't have any major citrus fragrances, so in honor of what will be a day of non-stop research reading, I present my layering experiment of: The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit body butter, Spun Orange Blossom by GAP, Silken Yuzu by GAP, and Delicate Sagemoss by GAP (all the GAP fragrances are a part of a layering kit a friend gave me). So far the combo is actually quite elegant.

image provided by
Grapefruit with Freezer Bag, Cork, Hair Tie, and Bar of Soap by Susan Jane Walp 2000

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Fashion Blogging (what I like and don't like)

Ah the red carpet show and thoughts:

Cameron Diaz, pink is not for you and well more dramatic make-up should have been used. The architecture of the dress just isn't working

Amy Adams, A redhead who understands that green is such a gorgeous color on redheads.

What the heck is with all this damn Miley Cyrus crap, she is not even nominated?! Christ has she taken over the world?

Alright Kristen Chenowith's dress is nice

Ellen Page, seems to be going flapper, like the smokey eyes, but wish for once she would go with color.

Hilary Swank, I hate to admit this but the dress is nice, still I want this to be known I am sick of black dresses.

I'm going to need carbs for this. I suspect I am partially watching this for Jon Stewart.

As usual Cate Blanchett is my fashion goddess

And finally it begins.

Oh good grief you can this was made after a writers strike. This is so bad it isn't even funny.

Oh Jon I am fairly positive Javier Bardem and Daniel Day Lewis have crushes on you.

I love James McAvoy; so swoony.

Jon boy is getting very political.

Jennifer Garner, I don't like the dress, like the jewels and the eye make up, but don't like the hair.

Damn costume design is hard this year, but Elizabeth: The Golden Age, really does deserve the award, really that movie was about the dresses. Still Keira's green dress in Atonement was gorgeous, in general I loved the wardrobe for it.

Oh how do i love Tilda Swinton's gorgeous hair.

Why the damn titanic song?!

And Jon just made fun of it.

Anne Hatheway, Oh dear that is a gorgeous dress, very reminiscent of Kate Winslet's red dress.

Katherine Heigl, good dress.

Sweet Jesus Norbit! I knew it would be La Vie en Rose.

Oh poor jon.

Cate Blanchett, yup love it, but then again she is gorgeous.

Another damn montage!

Jennifer Hudson, she looks very fresh, I rather like it.

Keri Russell, I love the jewels, the dress is nice, but the jewels are making it.

And the montages continue for the love of God.

Oh James McAvoy is being such a big brother to the girl from Atonement.

Tilda Swinton, by the way I love Tilda Swinton, but I hate that dress, she so was not expecting this.

Jessica Alba, pregnancy boobs do not need feathers, still the dress is a beautiful color.

Oh James just keep talking with that gorgeous voice, and Josh so tried to one up you.

Damn adaption is a hard catagory this year. James is not happy. Still I knew it was either No Country For Old Men or Atonement. I admit I was rooting for Atonement only because I saw it (didn't have time to see No Country For Old Men).

I cannot believe they are actually doing a montage on Oscar voting.

Miley Cyrus, the look is too old for her.

Oh man best actress is coming up right after this damn montage.

Oh Cate is definately someone who doesn't want to watch herself.

My god Julie Christie is beautiful.

By the way I love Marian Cottilard's mermaid dress.

Marian Cottilard, most definately love the mermaid dress.

Oh you have got to be kidding me. Playing wii on tv.

Alright, i really do need to see Once.

let the montage begin...

Renee Zeleweger, the dress is good, but Renee is looking hard.

Nicole Kidman, is she actually pregnant?, a bit of a blah look.

aside: my butt is hurting

Penelope Cruise, yikes!

Enchanted was nominated 3 times?!

Call it a hunch but I think Enchanted might win. And I was wrong, thank goodness

I like her dress (woman from Once).

Jon is a very nice man.

And you already know my feelings on Cameron Diaz.

And on Hillary Swank.

And on Amy Adams.

Alright I really want the Atonement score to win. Yay!

How can this run over, oh yeah the damn montages!

Diablo Cody, for some reason I think she looks really cute. But this could be the montages talking.

oh look another montage; I am becoming a montage by typing montage.

Helen Mirren, she is awesome! That is all need be said.

Okay I really wanted to Viggo to win he just gets snubbed in my opinion. Still I understand Daniel Day Lewis.

and the director montage, I am dreading the best picture montage.

I must say Denzel is looking very very suave.

And the winner is No Country For Old Men.

Phew I am done.

SOTD: Omnia

My tradition on Sundays is to always wear a comforting uncomplicated scent, today I am going with Bvlgari's Omnia. A lovely creamy tea scent with hint of sweetness from a white chocolate note.

image provided by
Solace by Pino 2005

Empty Bottle Pride

As much as I am a perfume lover, it is well known that for all the hoarding tendencies perfume lovers have, there is also a pride that goes with finishing a bottle of perfume. Last night I finished off a bottle of Bonne Belle Skin Musk cologne which had been bought while I had spent a year at Sonoma State and was rather desperate to buy something new. I admit it wasn't finished because I loved it intensely, but rather it was finished in the way that many of us get rid of perfumes we don't necessarily love but do not detest, we scent things with it. In this case after spending a week in bed, I felt the extreme need to change my sheets, and because Bonne Belle Skin Musk has a lovely lavender note it had been used lately as a laundry scent.

image provided by

Friday, February 22, 2008

SOTD: With Love by Hillary Duff

It is Friday, I am still sick, I have work today, the on coming headache that will be setting up a new cellphone plan; so I have decided to go with comfort in both image and fragrance. Today I am wearing Hillary Duff's With Love, a lovely little perfume, that combines cream, amber, spices, vanilla, and a light dash of fruit. Overall it kind've reminds me of a mango lassi and a mocha. One very unique characteristic of the scent is that it becomes stronger and richer as it dries down.

image provided by

Cream by Alfred Arthur Brunel de Neuville

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lost Blogging

So I am a Lost addict and I am now going to blog. Well after last weeks hot hot Sayid episode (My god is Naveen Andrews gorgeous!), the hotness continues with Sawyer.

-Ooh Locke mad; but what else can you expect with Ben
-I've never been a huge Evangeline Lilly fan but good grief is she gorgeous this season.
-Her and Sawyer really do have chemistry, but then again so do her and Jack especially in last years episode when she went to rescue Jack from the Others. Still I want her with Sawyer because when Sawyer is with her, he puts the sexy on.
-Ah Kate is up to her old tricks sniffing around where no one wants, by the way I really do want someone to one up Locke! (getting a wee bit smug with "I've been Jacob's cabin" chosen attitude) Why did they have to kill off Eko?!
-Squeee she is so pretty even in a jump suit!
-Although, this does prove how stupid Kate can be, why get off the Island when you are WANTED?! And Kate has a baby (Sawyers?) or is it a mystery child?
-Ah Jack on the beach with Juliette, will I ever like Juliette? Sun is wonderful
-Emilie de Ravin girl with the prettiest eyes; but then again Lost could be called "The Show
with People who have exceptionally pretty eyes and daddy issues
-Okay Jack is looking hot in the suit and I don't usually find Matthew Fox very hot, but will give him kudos for knowing how to cry passionately also for his hilarious role in a skit from SNL with him playing a Rave DJ.
-Well Jack is lying beautifully
-Oh Kate don't dig yourself deeper in the damn hole.
-And of course the infamous triangle gets brought up in the courtroom; Jack you are such a liar.
-Sawyer, glasses, Hugo, and XANADU=awesome! Don't you just love the odd couple? But why are they together?
-What the hell is Kate up to?! Bust out Ben?
-Hmm, did Kate loop Sawyer into her plan?
-Really Locke is asking for advice from Sawyer the guy who everyone usually hates, Sawyer you are so not getting any nookie after this little conversation.
-Of course a much needed/usual run through the jungle (but shockingly dry, usually a Lost run through the jungle requires rain and lots of it)
-Never forget Kate knows how to handle a gun!
-Oh Myles you really have no idea what you are doing. Ben does really have good question why 3.2 million? Doofus.
-Myles you are such a doofus, you do know Kate can beat the crap out of you?
-Kate is also a doofus.
-So now left with the question did Kate really want to get off the island or did she do it for the baby?
-Ah Kate listening to music, back to the civilized world of beds and not knowing what to do, and now Kate is being out of Camp Locke. Still nice to see Claire questioning Locke
-Ah Sabrina's Witch Aunt aka Kate's Mom and Kate meet. Kate looks awesome in that color. Oh Kate you might not be going to jail after all
-Oh jesus! Sawyer in bed topless reading, drool, and drool a little bit more. Damn those dimples. Finally someone is having some fun on the island.
-Jack getting nutty and formidable.
-Oh damn what happened to Sayid?!
-Lock and Myles in a shack and apparently Locke is taking notes from Sayid with a grenade in Myles mouth, but can he do crazy leg moves like Sayid?
-Ah nothing like the morning wake up with no sex, I admit I don't think I would be strong as Kate. Blue really is Kate's color. Kate wants a baby? And now she is leaving. Oh Kate you are a nutjob. Sawyer does have a point
-10 years probation? Is Widmore having fun.
-Ah the return of Mr. No I Don't Love Her But Obviously I Do and yeah he does love her. Jack doesn't want to see the baby; obviously a case of baby phobia brought on by the Island.
-So everybody lives in LA?
-And the mystery baby is Aaron!

So of course related back to perfume: What would Kate wear? Sawyer? As for Locke, well none of course, unless of course it is musk to cover up his human aroma while hunting.
Fragrances for Kate: something easy to find, possibly irisy, but she is a bit of an actress, would she sick of the scent of the tropics after being on the Island for so long? I imagine she wears the classics (she has only had time to get to know these). Maybe J'Adore, Bonne Belle Skin Musk, Private Collection.
-Intriguing piece of info in real life Evangeline Lilly swears by The Body Shop Vanilla.

SOTD: L'Artisan Fleur d'Oranger

Today I am sick, I was yesterday too, but now it seems to taken a turn for the worse. The irony of when I am sick is that I don't want to smell any of my usual sweet favorites. Instead I end up preferring scents with little to no sweetness. So today I am giving my time to L'Artisan's Fleur d'Oranger, a very generous sample I received, this is a lovely orange blossom that really plays on the a neroli aspect, and then becomes a dry orange blossom. Still this orange blossom is not for me and I continue my quest for an orange blossom scent; I am also thankful this not for me because this one has a nice hefty price tag to go with it. Also a little side bit the scent of orange blossoms is the scent of summer for me. The heady sweet bitter tart scent roams through the Bay Area neighborhoods in the summer morning buzzing with sound nectar seeking insects.

image provided by
Portrait of Desiree Manfredi (The Summer Girl) by Jacques Emile Blanche

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SOTD: Stella Rose Absolute

I remember when I first smelled Lancome's Mille et Une Roses I was reminded immediately of Stella Rose Absolute. Yet as time has progressed I can see their differences very easily. Mille et Une Roses is a softer gentler scent meant to envelope one in serenity and dusk, where as Stella Rose Absolute is a wilder harsher scent, the bergamot adds a noticiable tang that remains through out the scent and amber used is darker, this scent never sweetens like Mille et Une Roses. Stella Rose Absolute is the woodsier and fey sister to Mille et Une Roses delicate dusky angelic quality.
Image provided by
Self Portrait as not Dead Yet by Julie Heffernan 2007

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SOTD: Must de Cartier parfum

Go with the sensual elixir of Must de Cartier parfum. This is truly my favorite oriental, after years of thinking I could not wear one, this scent arrived in my life.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Top Vanillas (so far...)

Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens
Serge Lutens' Un Bois Vanille is a nectourous wooded vanilla. It is adult vanilla that calls up the taste of things not enjoyed as a child, but none the less are sweet desserts. Burnt Caramel, dark chocolate, the tangiest of yogurts drizzled with aromatic honey, and spiced wine; all desserts better enjoyed by an adult tongue ready to appreciate the bittersweet.
Organza Indecence by Givenchy
This is the scent of the esoteric, comfort, and lust meeting. It is the scent of a snowy forest laced with smoke and incense, but encompassed by the all encompassing warmth of dry creamy vanilla. It is the warmth of fur and skin on the coldest of nights.
L de Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka
This is a heady sweet zingy vanilla that does not veer into girlishness by including the exotic smoky mapley note of immortelle. It is the scent of the beach at night with a tango in the firelight, sweet and womanly.
My top three vanillas by an admitted vanilla lover. And as it goes with all vanilla lovers I am still looking for more vanillas.
All images provided by
Curry Seas by Tim McDowell
Aspens by a Lake by Eliot Porter
Sea Goddess by TJ Ahearn

Saturday, February 16, 2008

SOTD: Euphoria

My boyfriend and I did not get to celebrate Valentine's Day (which is also his birthday) this year, but we are celebrating today. His present to me this year was Euphoria, which I will be wearing today, in my appreciation of him.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

SOTD: Narciso Rodriguez

To quite simple put it Valentine's day is also my boyfriend's birthday and so in honor of him I am wearing one of his favorites. Which also coincidently features a prominent note of osmanthus. The scent of osmanthus this time sweetly luminous hinting at the scent of the skin of apricots; which is perfect considering over all Narciso Rodriguez for her edt evokes the quality of warm skin. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

image provided by

The Kiss by Auguste Rodin

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SOTD: Parfum d'Empire's Osmanthus Interdite, a leathery osmanthus

Continuing the Osmanthus theme is Parfum d'Empire's Osmanthus Interdite aka Forbidden Osmanthus, if Keiko Mecheri's Fleurs d'Osmanthus is the tropical gentle variation of osmanthus, then Osmanthus Interdite is the more forward and strangely tom boyish cousin. Osmanthus Interdite works with the pronounced tang and leather of osmanthus, it juxtaposes a citrusy zingy apricot note with a strangely lactic leather note. There is a masculine edge to it, but at the same time it evokes the perfect presence of a summer dress with the note of citrus and apricot, it is a leather and fruit scent that does not go into chypre territory, but rather straddles the fruity and leather families. I would almost say this is a naughty scent, but because it is so forward there is nothing naughty about it, for it is obvious. It is a the perfect peachy cream colored summer dress belted with with black leather and paired with black stilettos. For those looking for an animalic fruity leather scent that does not go into hiney territory this is for you, strangely kinky and charming.

image provided by

Eternal Spring by Adam Booth 2006

Monday, February 11, 2008

SOTD: KM Fleurs d'Osmanthus and Osmanthus Green Tea

There are three florals that I am truly attracted too: rose, orange blossom, and osmanthus. Otherwise as many know my fragrance love is more in the category of incense, gourmands, and spices with the occasional fruit. Osmanthus is a floral chameleon in the sense that it is not really a floral scent but a melange of other scents resulting in a scent that is heady, fruity, creamy, tart, and shockingly leatherly. It has been described as the combination of apricot, orange blossom, and leather. It truly holds my attention though at the apricot note. There is one fruit scent I truly love and sadly apricot is a scent few perfumes ever get right (in fact I have yet to find one, the best rendition of apricot being Burt's Bees Apricot Baby Oil). My first meeting with osmanthus came in the form of Keiko Mecheri's Fleurs d'Osmanthus, this scent is a tropical take on osmanthus, upping the creamy part of osmanthus with the addition of tuberose, still as the fragrance dries down the zing of green apricot cream comes forward, it enchants you. It still holds a place in my heart and remains one of the most easy going florals out there. Although, it does bear some resemblance to Serge Luten's Datura Noir, I would say that two migrate in different directions with the dry down, Datura Noir becoming sweeter with a rasp and Fleurs d'Osmanthus taking on a tang and gentleness. Fleurs d'Osmanthus is a lovely gentle enticing scent, that is striking but never overbearing.

Another way to enjoy the the scent of osmanthus and far more traditional way is through tea. This may be the best way of smelling the true scent of osmanthus without having to find an osmanthus bush. Today I am drinking a blend of osmanthus and green tea. The fruity apricot leather note coming out perfectly. I suggest for those of us who are not lovers of jasmine green tea but want to enjoy a scented floral that you seek out an osmanthus scented tea.

image provided by

Spring by Irma Kusiani

Sunday, February 10, 2008

SOTD: Nanette Lapore over Burt's Bees Apricot Baby Oil

It feels as though spring is here, there is a sudden need for light and feminine scents for me. So I went with the lovely peach jasmine combo of Nanette Lapore over the golden deliciousness of Burt's Bees Apricot Baby Oil.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

SOTD: Mille et Une Roses

Needing something beautiful for what will likely be a very long day, so I went with Lancome's Mille et Une Roses. Truly a most beautiful rose.

image provided from
Gathering of Roses by Rudolph Ernst (ever since I saw this image I have thought it perfectly matchs Mille et Une Roses)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

SOTD: Azuree Soleil

It is that time of year when you begin to year for things that are warm and balmy (especially if you are a student), my antidote right now, is Estee Lauders Azuree Soleil. A lovely tropical concoction that will be released again this year but apparently under the name Bronze Goddess (which is so much hokier than the wonderfully paradise evoking name of Azuree Soleil).
image provided from
Like Milk For A Kitten by Irene Hardwicke-Olivieri

Flight of Fancy: Some really pretty clothes I can't afford but gives me ideas

So pretty!! Narcisco Rodriguez. This dress would go perfect with Narciso's perfume.
Once again I love the color. Narcisco Rodriguez

So simple but I adore this colore. Narciso Rodriguez.

Quire simple Abaete owns my sole. I want to be in Capri wearing this.

So simple but wonderfully figure flattering. -Abaete

Modern but classic, plus answers my need for a cream and black combo-Abaete

My god Abaete is making me love sea foam green, so wrong but so right.

Okay I am loving the coral detailing of this dress. Once again Philip Lim. Overall his collection was beautiful and very wearable.

Once again Lim, I don't think I could pull off the color but I love the detailing and overall look.

Suddenly I am liking yellow and I love the cut and relaxed flirty look of this-Philip Lim

Monday, February 04, 2008

SOTD: Datura Noir

Going with ever elusive and original scent of Datura Noir (a scent that for me that demands wearing a combination of black and white).

Image provided by

Deer by George Barbier

Saturday, February 02, 2008

SOTD: Un Bois Vanille

Going with a gourmand today, but ultimately not one that reminds you of cupcakes, but rather a scent of harder to enjoy flavors: burnt caramel, a sizzle of licorice, bitter almond and coconut, and a dash of delicious woods all swirled in the liquer of vanilla.

Image provide my
Sneaking away with the rest by Brandi Milne