Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Perfumes That Have Caught My Attention

So as we all know perfume releases are constant and frequently well not all that exciting but every once awhile you read a review or you see a release that really catches your eye. These a some that have caught my eye.

Eye, Hatshepsut by Charenton Macerations, I love ancient Egyptian history and for someone to finally go beyond Cleopatra and Nefertiti, is awesome. Notes sound intriguing.

Journey by MikMoi, mentions of apricot and magnolia with incense, yeah this has my nose attention.

Eau de Iceberg Sensual Musk, two people describing it as musky apricot ice cream, that deserves attention.

Flor de Naranjo by Coqui Coqui, heard about this orange blossom years ago, and luckyscent is finally carrying the line.

Orange Blossom and Peony from Dame Perfumery. Ever since I sampled Dame Perfumery's soliflores I have come to one conclusion this is probably one of the most intense soliflore collections I have run into, these are not cutesie wootsie water scents. I'm curious to see what he has done with Orange Blossom and Peony.

Istanbul by Al Faransi, peach, saffron, rose, nuff said.

Prada La Femme by Prada, if its Prada it goes on my must sniff list.

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