Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Book: Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez

So last night in one sitting I read Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez; I admit I was really moved at times but also found myself questioning the authors actions. To often I had a sense that Rodriguez was running around and ignoring the consequences, which I can say is irresponsible and deadly in the case of women living Afghanistan. Sadly this was confirmed this morning, because well I had to go with my gut and google it, and immediately up popped NPR's story . As for Rodriguez I really don't know what to think. Her character shines through as hopeful and at times loopy and more often then not running around ignoring the dangers that are so obvious but some how always side stepping the risks; did she think in publishing her book that she could side step the danger as she always had? Did she really not care for the safety of her students or really did not honestly take into account the dangers of publishing her book? At times Rodriguez seems highly aware of the situation she is in and at other times she seems highly unaware (best example being her using her van to transport three of her neighbors who had harassed the neighborhood and were confirmed kidnappers to prison, her husband upon hearing about the situation told her she was "crazy!" And told her she needed to get out immediately because the likely hood was her neighbors would have the van overtaken. This is not exaggeration when all the stories of the book are taken into account.) I can't help but think Rodriguez is a complete ditz or that she is highly manipulative and put a great deal of women in danger. Sadly it is hard to tell there are so many contradictions of character and yet people are made up very often of quite a few contradictions. I suppose I suggest this book to read but I also know that it should be read with a highly questioning mind

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