Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SOTD: Soleil de Capri by Montale

In a sort've completely natural way this weeks theme in images is still life, I can't even explain why I am fascinated with still lifes, when all I think is I should really be bored by this type of style of art, but I'm not. Today I am wearing the only Montale that has ever worked on me and it is completely for derivative reasons, Soleil de Capri, with is a niched up version of Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue. I have so far tried amongst Montale's offerings Mukhalet (kill me with plastic strawberries), White Aoud (I suspect aoud and I just don't get along), Fruits of Musk (Okay, this one worked, but really it is a blackberry musk fragrance), and Amandes Orientales (urinous almonds). Which leads me to worst of offender of copying scents: Ramon Molvizar, Luna=Omnia by Bvlgari and Smart Goldskin (also craptastic name)=a softened variation and I kid you not of BBW's Blackberry Amber, all of this can be had for withe wonderful price of $198.00, blech on you Ramon Molvizar.

And on to a completely random note:
I fully suggest you take advantage of cantaloupe season and go get yourself some prosciutto and enjoy one of life's perfect combinations: the eating of cantaloupe and prosciutto together, salty sweet goodness. If possible get your hands on the tuscan variety of cantaloupe, which is often called the muskmelon, you are in for one of most incredibley fragrant fruits, I literally had a few slices in my bedroom, and my room smelled of the most potently incredible melon scent.

image provided by artnet.com
image: Autumn crocuses in a wine bottle with a lemon by Mary Fedden 1990


Divina said...

Omg, no Montale? No! I must make a believer out of you! Mail me your addy again please, and I'll send off some samples! Musk to Musk, Oud Ambre and Chypre Fruite which is to die for. (Although I suspect you will hate Oud Ambre if you hate urinous notes...) I will completely bypass sending Golden Oud if you can't take their oud heavy scents, but I will totally include some Let it Rock!

*hug you!*

Jenavira13 said...

Then I am totally sending you Andy Warhol Silver Factory.

ScentScelf said...

Oh, I do love being told to go enjoy prosciutto & cantalope! :) Happily, I shall do so...

...but not before mentioning that I am glad to have your response to this specific Montale, and Montales in general. Into the date bank it goes; that is a line (either aoud or perfume) I have not yet sampled.

I am working over to them...eventually...I do have an attar which I actually enjoy.

Jenavira13 said...

I ended happily this week ending up with three Montale samples in my presence. Which Attar do you have?

I am happy that my command is being followed :-)