Friday, August 22, 2008

Scenting th Women of Mad Men: Rachel Menken

We end Friday with my favorite woman to appear on Mad Men, sadly we have not seen her on the second season of Mad Men, the astute Rachel Menken. Rachel is the woman Don Draper at one point said he was ready to leave his family for, but unlike other women Rachel is sharp enough to see reality of Don Draper, and know better than to go down that path. Rachel is probably the one woman Don truly respects, because she will call him out on all of reprehensible things he has said and done and she is also the one who understands him the most. Scenting Rachel was the hardest choice, at first I thought of Chanel's Bois des Iles, but the reality is that scent is too soft for her. But then I smelled Lancome's Magie a beautiful strange mixes of melancholy violets, potent jasmine, and gorgeous amber, and I thought that is Rachel. It is beautiful and wistful but utterly full of vitality, I thought it fit this unique and independent woman.


Anonymous said...

Hi -- Interesting blog.

In a recent episode of Mad Men, a woman said Don Draper had a cologne that had a hint of jasmine in it. Any idea what it might be?

Jenavira13 said...

Hi Aagha, Thank you and I have no idea what Don Draper would have worn for that time period. Although I find it really interesting that Don would smell of jasmine a scent that is traditionally associated with women. I'm curious did this comment happen during the episode where he learns he has a reputation?