Thursday, August 28, 2008

SOTD: Osmanthus Interdite

To say has been frustrating is an understatement! I will start though with that at least I had something nice to smell in the form of Osmanthus Interdite, but now on to the frustration.

A few weeks ago I took my truck in to have the breaks serviced quite a few things needed to be done, I knew that, so I was prepared for the large bill, overall it was the usual things that need to be done over time, that just hadn't been done because my truck just kept chugging along. But this week things started to go badly wrong the ABS light started appearing, then yesterday the brake signal appeared, which should not be appearing three weeks after getting the brakes serviced!!! Took it too a different mechanic (hoping it was something small, but of course it wasn't), so lo and behold all the things that were supposed to be fixed were falling apart. So in the next week I need to go argue a re-imbursement and well I am completely and utterly angry!
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image: Shadows and Light by Yingzhao Liu 2008


Rose said...

Really sorry to hear about the brakes. I hope it doesn't take too much arguing to get re-imbursed. It makes me angry when people do things like this with something like brakes that affects people's safety. Grr.

Hope the Osmanthus continues to help.

Jenavira13 said...

Thank you so much Rose. It is always good to hear an empathetic ear.