Sunday, August 24, 2008

SOTD: Le Chasse Aux Papillions

I adore Sundays, I adore them for neither sleeping in nor going out early to Church, but rather I love them because when I get up early for a Sunday, the quiet of the morning keeps on going into the afternoon. There is a relaxed quality to chores, I drink my cup of tea relaxed with no worry of the rest of the day's chores needing to be done soon. I can putter around thinking of what delicious meal I want to make myself.

Today I am probably wearing the girliest floral I have ever liked: L'Artisan's Le Chasse Aux Papillions, I admit I feel dorky liking this one considering for many it is the easiest to like floral out there, but then again being not the greatest floral lover in the world, this is probably perfect for me.

Yesterday, was one of those days that make you grateful to live in the Bay Area, Francisco and I went to Lake Temescal in Oakland, the temperture was perfect a cool breeze coming off the lake, and lots of sunshine to make all the greenery sparkle. Below are few images I found, behind the Beach House is a gorgeous fountain area and garden. The second area shows where we picniced which was at the other end of the lake.

image provided by
image: Sunday Still Life by Boyd Gavin 2007


Perfumeshrine said...

Lovely photos!
La Chasse is easy to like. But then, why is this a put down? ;-)

Divina said...

Jen, those images are absolutely idylic! I've been madly busy since I came back from the vacay (who would have thought, grrr) and the weather lately has been quite awful. The pictures, the thoughts of a relaxing picnic, totally put me in the mood for another vacation. Ok, promise to myself... If the weather is warm one of these weekends, I am totally going to have a picnic with friends at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam!

My perfect picnic scent? I don't know...something with Heliotrope?

Have a great week, sweetie

Jenavira13 said...

I think as fragrance lovers we are like modern art lovers determined to like the fragrances with some sort of jarring quality :-) So we are shocked when we love something so lovely and easy as the scent of La Chasse.

Jenavira13 said...

Divinia, I'm thinking you should take out your Burberry Brit, that seems like the perfect scent for an Autumnish picnic with friends. Sorry the weather has been crap though.