Friday, March 28, 2008

SOTD: Iris Taizo

So about a month ago I got a sample of Parfumerie Generale's Iris Taizo and well I tried it a couple of times but I admit at those times my nose was slightly stuffy, but each time I the scent that came to my nose was heavily spiced civety amber (which is something I am just not into these days) and well it turns out my nose wasn't wrong even when slightly stuffy. I admit now I can smell a slight hint of powder that must come from the iris, the civet quality is most definately there in its pungency, but over all this scent is amber on me. While I don't abhor it, Iris Taizo is most definately not me; which I am quite happy with because the price on Parfumerie Generale's scents went up quite a bit.

Quote of the Day: The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.-- James Baldwin

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Listening to the Waterfall in the Autumn Woods by Hsu Kuo-Huang 1998

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