Saturday, March 15, 2008

Comfort in Spring: Risotto

It's occurred to me that lately I have been cooking a lot of rice comfort foods, last month I made the ever comforting arroz con leche (this recipe a variation of Mexican rice pudding), but this month I have found my self making the savory comforting creamy side of rice: Risotto. Risotto is the perfect comfort food for spring, it is creamy and nourishing, but not heavy unlike winter comfort food, it shows off spring produce perfectly and is enlivened by winter citrus. Last week I made Nigella Lawson's Lemon Risotto; this woman really can do no wrong when it comes to comfort foods, this was gorgeous lovely creamy lemon offset by hints of earthiness with the addition of fresh rosemary. Here's a link to the lovely recipe Nigella Lawson's Lemon Risotto. Last night the risotto love continued with something I had been itching to make forever but had never found a recipe that met my needs: Asparagus Risotto. My first encounter with Asparagus Risotto was with Trader Joe's frozen Asparagus Risotto, which I will say is lovely, but expensive for such a small amount and so the years have gone by with me looking for the perfect Asparagus Risotto recipe, when a few weeks the perfect recipe fell into my lap, provided by the awesome website And here is the recipe that last night the ended my quest for an Asparagus risotto recipe: Asparagus Risotto.

Just a note to those making risotto, always make way more stock than is called for or have hot water on hand, the arborio rice you buy will vary highly in how much stock it takes to cook. In both recipes I used Trader Joe's arborio rice and it required much more liquid than the recipes called for.

Wish to some day get a hold of other Italian rice varieties that are used in risotto.

Also the Asparagus Risotto truly shows off the wonder of risotto in that it can be so creamy with no cream added.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog, and can almost smell the perfumes as I spent half an hour reading your posts.

Thanks for the link to my post with the arborio rice photo. I wondered whether you had also checked out my other rice and risotto posts? Hope you found them too:

* Notes about different types of Rices and cooking methods.

* Cooking Steamy Buttery Rice I think you would really like this one.

* A wonderful creamy pumpkin risotto

I will be back. Glad you linked to me so that I could discover your blog.

Jenavira13 said...

Thank you Vegeyum! You have quite the series on rice. I will most definately have to try out your method of for cooking steamy buttery rice (love the photoes you have accompanying it, really makes the method become a realistic option for cooking rice).

Ai said...

When I was searching Nigella's Lemon risotto, I just happened to visit your blog! I like your blog very much! I will try to cook Lemon risotto! Thanks!From Japan.