Monday, March 03, 2008

SOTD: Infusion d'Iris

It is spring outside and I am stuck inside, so to keep the good spring with me I am opting for the ever lovely Infusion d'Iris (although, I admit I had a hard time choosing, I also had thinking about wearing Chanel 22 or Bvlgari pour femme). Such lovely weather and hear that a storm is coming this week.


Perfumeshrine said...

I love this one, it's so clear, so crystalline, isn't it? Spring-like and summery too! (in fact I plan on wearing it this summer)
I had a whole post devoted to Spring, today :-)

Jenavira13 said...

It is so funny I wrote this one off and now I am rather addicted to it. It really is all those things you described it as.