Monday, March 10, 2008

SOTD: Bvlgari pour Femme

A couple weeks ago there was the question of joyous/happy scents going around the perfume community, I could not come up with one (what can I say I'm some one who usual goes with comfort and sensual scents), but today I realized that I do have one: Bvlgari pour Femme. There is something joyously yellow about this scent, it reminds me of blooming yellow mimosa and acacia (although it does not smell like either of these). There is a nectourous quality it smells of jasmine tea, honey, and bizarrely for the first time this morning I realized that I smelled a hint of juicy sweet bartlett pear in it. What is unique is that with a heart of powedery rose and violet, it retains crystilline nectar quality at the same time.

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Tea Party with the Artist's Daughter, Lois by Wilson Henry Irvine

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