Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lost Blogging

It's that time again where I blog about the show that holds me enthralled and while I am enthralled I am sampling Frederic Malle's L'eau d'Hiver (reminds me of something from my childhood, a pure clean sweet comforting scent) and L'Artisan Vanilia (utterly unimpressed, not the smoky vanilla I was looking for, has become a rather doughy heliotrope on me, and has a weird harsh starting).

Let the Losting Begin:

I will admit I really like Charlotte's hair
Well this has to be Juliet of the old with that bizarre weave.
An island therapist? Heh.
Ben with flowers? And checking out Juliet's ass?!
And the shoe drops and Juliette doesn't realize it.
Juliet's hair is looking really good also
And now for our favorite weird whispery jungle and Harper the therapist.
And why is the first time we have seen her amongst the others?
So the whispers are a magical transportation device?
Yick! And this how her affair with Goodwin starts, electric fence burn.
And Harper's his wife and I have to say I'm going to go with Juliet's gut instinct about Harper
Chemical burn!
Why is Juliet following Ben's orders?! She knows he is an evil douche
What is the island with people with insanely gorgeous sweaty hair?
Oh Kate you know that they totally escaped?
And Charlotte is biotch with gorgeous hair. This actually could be the summery for almost every character on the island.
Ben is trying to make the moves, but Godwin already has.
Harper looks like Priscilla Presley and now she reveals Ben's stupid crush on Juliet
Mr. Clean is gutting a rabbit
Claire are you finally getting a clue? And possibly showing your sly side? Claire now seeming kind've awesome
What the heck has Ben been doing to the rabbits other scaring them to death?
Good grief is Ben the King of Manipulation and for once Locke isn't falling for it.
And the only bottle of wine on the island is being used for Goodwin and Juliet's tryst
Don't you question why Ben has you working with chemicals Goodwin?
Priscilla Presley is not happy.
I wonder how long it is going to take for skinny jeans to hit the island?
And now Juliet has run off.
Oh Locke why are you being a dumbass?
And now for movie time; which Locke usually makes very amusing
There's Widmore and it's like Locke's not so spiritually insane twin.
Of course it's like Jurassic Park, Widmore wants to make the island the disney of healing retreats, which goes horribly wrong when he realizes he can't control smoke monster.
Well we now Kate got off the Island knowing that her criminal past was well documented with the boaties.
Ben in dork mode. Is that ham? And that is a lot of dinner rolls.
Hmm, answers about the tailie children.
Ben doing his old manipulation spell.
Faraday have been taking the stupid gas?
I want that puppy
Wow ABC is full of it with this commercial
Please Faraday do your thing and Juliet kick Charlotte's ass.
I love this strange little whispy man
And what is Ben up to? Oh good grief he is going to show dead Goodwin and moldy
He is heartless and Juliet is finally realizing it.
Because Ben is psycho so very very psycho.
And finally someone else on the Island is kissing, Jack and Juliet really should be together.
Love me some Hurley and Sawyer interaction and and psycho has been let of the basement.

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