Saturday, August 01, 2009

SOTD: Egyptian Goddess and Musc by Reminiscence

Its that time of year when I look at my fragrance choices for the season and I sigh. August is that month where I can smell the change of seasons in the air but the heat of summer remains, I want to wear opulent orientals but know it will have disastrous results in being over powering. So its around this time I start reaching for musks. Musks have that beauty of not being too heavy but providing a soothing sensuality that melds with your skin.

To be truly honest with myself musks are also a scent I consistently get compliments on, I also get compliments on rose based scents, and vetiver scents; this makes me wonder if compliments are based also on how people view the person who is wearing the scent and whether they think that scent goes with their character.

Yesterday I put Narciso Rodriguez eau de toilette, sometimes I forget how beautiful the bottom is to the fragrance with the combination of vetiver, egyptian musk, and patchouli. Its honeyed earthiness just makes you want to delight in your own skin.

Today the craving continued at first I spritzed on a sample of Reminiscence's Musc, a powdery mild musk with almond and with a drydown that hints at animalic naughtiness. If you like Madini's White Musk, Musk Pierre, Sage Machado's Pearl, or Lea St. Barth you will enjoy this. I am curious as to why almond is so often paired with musk.

But then I realized I wanted more musk so I dabbed on Auric Blend's Egyptian Goddess, which maybe one the worlds greatest cheap buys ever as far as fragrance is concerned. With the application of heat on the skin this one blooms, and hilariously enough is probably the fragrance that has given me the most compliments in my collection. If you like Narciso Rodriguez eau de toilette try this.

Forever how long it takes the next couple of days will be dedicated to the explorations of musk in my collection.
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image: Idyll by Patrick Cierpka


The Daily Connoisseur said...

I love Narciso Rodriguez. Love love love it! It is a perfect scent for August- although I wear it year round... Just bought Sheer Stella for the summer time. Love that too- although it isn't musky at all.

Unknown said...

Daily, I wear NR year around too it is the perfect occasion scent. Stella fragrances are very lovely. She is coming out with a new one called Stella Nude.

orchidfae said...

I wear Auric Blends frequently and never fail to get complements, it is so skinscent and a "me" fragrance. I like NR too, need to get a bottle. I have went through 4 rollerballs of Stella, have the lotion, and a 3.4oz edp

Unknown said...

I found that people who like Stella usually like NR; I wonder if there is a connection?:-)