Friday, November 14, 2008

SOTD: Sensual Amber body cream with a spritz of Osmanthus Interdite

I admit the for the last week I have been loving BBW's Sensual Amber body cream with its juicy chewy apricot opening and lovely use of smooth amber, the weather has warmed up so I have once again been reaching for lighter fragrances yesterday I wore Le Chasse aux Papillons and today I am reaching for my beloved osmanthus love Osmanthus Interdite. A strange tidbit fact although I consider osmanthus to be a summer scent it is fact an autumn blooming flower and in China they hold a festival centered around this autumnal flower. Of late I have found myself reaching back for 1990's female singer/song writers, its sad looking at the music scene right now and not seeing anyone really following in their steps well not entirely true I have found myself in love with beautifully dusky voiced young women coming out of Britain: Adele, Corinne Bailey Ray, Amy Winehouse (although the girl needs some serious help), and Duffy. Still I am sad with the American scene of music. So in continued celebration of 90's songstresses the ever beautifully voiced Sarah McLachlan:
Possession the one that put her on the map

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image by Sharon Core
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The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Jena- how did I miss this posting? Funny you mention Adele- I heard an interview with her on KCRW the other day and had never heard her music- it's beautiful!

I love Sarah McLachlan too- they keep playing her songs in the yoga classes I take (why, I don't know... different teachers too!)

Jenavira13 said...

Daily, She really does have a lovely way with music. That is so funny about your yoga instuctors; I love Sarah, but somehow I don't feel like she is yoga music.