Saturday, November 22, 2008

November in a bottle

Last night my friend and I got together and went to our favorite brewery, Buffalo Bill's located in Hayward, CA (okay it is basically the only thing in Hayward you would want to go to). I should probably say this before I got any further I am not a beer expert and I am more of a wine drinker. We had a wonderful time chatting and relaxing after a long week and both of us ordered the pumpkin ale which I had never had before. For many years I have meant to try pumpkin ale but have never gotten around to it, well it proved to be a delightful surprise last night, and the first think I said after taking a sip of cinnamon laced pumpkin ale, was that it was November in a bottle. While the cinnamon is prominent in scent the flavor is mild in the ale and just adds tha perfect feeling of warmth and crispness. Very enjoyable.

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Image: Thoreau's Pumpkin by Jeanie Tomanek 2007

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