Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lipstick Epiphany: MAC Hot Tahiti

I have always wanted to have a red lipstick but have found I have the sort of coloring that looks like it would be perfect with red but I have found I few subtle issues that makes finding a red lipstick hard 1) Although my hair is dark it is not a full dark hair but is in fact heavily accented with red, in sunlight it is, as my friend said the perfect chestnut and 2) my skin tone although I am very pale I seem to have inherited the bizarro mix of pale European with hints of my great grandmother's asian skin tone basically I look pink but I have a lot of warm gold to go with it. Most red lipsticks often veer into too pink/cold or too much orange/warm, but today I have found the one MAC's Hot Tahiti, it doesn't look like much on the stick, but once it is on it creates the perfect subtle sensual red. What I found really funny was looking at makeupalley's reviews for the color it seems that those that loved it the most are those that have a great deal of red in their hair and hazel eyes (which I also have).
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image: Jewel in Red Lipstick by Rolf Armstrong 1935


The Daily Connoisseur said...

I would love to wear red lipstick but I'm afraid it's a no go for me. I can't pull it off. Deep burgandy and plums works really well however...

Glad you found your signature shade!

Jenavira13 said...

You know I wear a lot of plums also, so maybe the next time you are by MAC counter give this one a try ;-).

Rose said...

This is very interesting- I am always on a perfect red quest, I never seem to get there plus I'm a bit scared of wearing it. So far the best on me is a chanel limited edition called London Bus Red (how apt!) it's quite a blue red which goes with super pale English/ Irish skin and very dark hair. I would still prefer something with a bit more fire though.

Glad you found one you love.