Thursday, November 27, 2008

SOTD: Allure Sensual pure parfum and giving thanks

Today is a feast day and on those days of harvest we must give thanks, so here are few things I am thankful for:

All the wonderful bloggers I now correspond with
The privilage of being able to brew a cup of tea
That I have family and friends to lean on in hard times and good times
That the weather is perfectly cold for today
That there lovely wonderful animals in the world
Lazy Sunday mornings
The joy I take in reading
The simple joys of a midnight feast (like the one I had last night of eggs fried in butter; I got home very late and had not had dinner)
Perfect red lipsticks
My sense of smell
And the beauty of perfumes.

Tea: No. 25

And now for a song that has always made happy, Just Like Heaven by The Cure, this variation from when MTV was actually good, and the very fun showcase called Unplugged:

image provided by
image: The Family Feast by Alfred Barber
video uploaded by curdisszero


Perfumeshrine said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hope you're very well and enjoying all the little things you posted about. And thanks for the Cure (always loved them to bits!) :-))

Rose said...

perfume snap! except mine is EDP.

Not sure how the time change works but happy thanksgiving- and loved your things to be thankful for. Midnight feasts are sooo good aren't they.

ScentScelf said...

A lovely list of wonderful things, for which I would be thankful, too.

Here's a virtual toast to all that is good in life...