Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SOTD: Chanel No. 5 pure parfum

After the heavy orientals of the last few days I am suddenly wanting something a little bit more luminous so I am going with Chanel No. 5 pure parfum. Whenever I wear it I always have a few ideas and images pop into my head: opals, the aurora borealis, champagne, perfectly powdered skin after an evening bath, and the intriguing combination of black and a salmon pink. I also find it interesting that many people considering this such a cold scent when to my nose it has such a sparkling powdery quality.

On another scented note: If you are lover of the Elton John special edition scent, Fireside, which came out a few years ago and is a gorgeous smoky vanilla, it's back in candle form as Bendel's Vanilla Woods. I'm write now scenting my home with gorgeous home fragrance oil, that I basically hoard until cold weather comes.

Tea: PG Tip's special blend

I recently saw Yo-Yo Ma on The Colbert Report, play this Panxolina, and I was floored by his enthusiasm and warmth:

This is from his new album Songs of Joy and Peace which appears to be a new holiday album, either way you can't argue that this song is isn't joyous.
image provided by http://www.animationarchive.org/2005/12/media-kay-nielsen-twelve-dancing.html
Image: Twelve Dancing Princesses by Kay Nielsen
video uploaded by Zeikart


Rose said...

fireside sounds good, i have never tried it. I was quite taken with a true grace christmas candle this weekend.

enjoy the number 5! and the PG, great tea taste there!

Divina said...

I certainly don't find no. 5 cold, although I do prefer the colder Channel scents, like no. 19 and Cristalle. I have come to appreciate no. 5 more in the last few years and I am especially enjoying the Eau Premierre which finally made it to Europe! Unlike others, I find it hard to find big differences among the concentrations, although it has to be said that I've never had the leisure of properly testing them all on skin. On brief paper tests they have all seemed very similar to me...

Jenavira13 said...

I don't think the True Grace Candle is going to make it here; what does it smell like?

Jenavira13 said...

Divina, I highly recommend you go check out the variations of 5, because when you try all the strengths there is a huge difference. I'm kind've suprised Eau Premiere took so long to get to Europe; it has been out here for basically the last three months.

Rose said...

Jena- mulled wine and a wood fire I think! there was lots of clove, smokiness and orange or clementine peel. Really delicious and very festive :-)

Jenavira13 said...

That sounds so good!