Monday, July 28, 2008


So I am back from a wonderful mini-vacation. Yosemite remains as beautiful as ever and I am sore from an incredible hike up the Mist Trail. The air was filled with the scent of cedar and Light Blue turned out to be the perfect choice because of this; Light Blue's cedar note sang out well coupled with my deoderent Gillette's Storm Force (another lightly scented cedar product). I didn't get a single horrific sunburn and only 2 bugbites. We saw some wonderful animals, the most amazing being while hiking back from the Mist Trail, a mother bear and her two cubs. The most idiotic being a father a encouraging his young son to get closer to a rattle snake because and I quote "You don't get to see these everyday."

I really enjoyed doing a single artist for the week and I think I am going to continue with the theme. This week I am going with the highly sensual photograpy of Flor Garduno, I used one of her pieces for Carolina Herrera. Today I am putting on Kai, from a lifetime sample of the oil, seriously this stuff has lasted over 5 years now. I am suddenly having another yearning for a white floral and thought this would fit the bill for the day.

Interesting video I found for Flor Garduno's work:

image provided by
image: Hoja elegante by Flor Garduno
video uploaded by cdancalisboa

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