Sunday, July 06, 2008

SOTD: Chanel 22

Quote of the Day: A marriage is always made up of two people who are prepared to swear that only the other one snores. -- Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant
I wish I could say my day is going to be spent relaxing and evading the oncoming heat, but hah! I'm working. Considering there will be no relaxing I decided to go instead with sheer beauty, Chanel 22. A continuation of my white floral need, Chanel 22 just makes me realize how much I wish there were more scents out there that combine white florals with aldehydes, I just love the mix.
The theme from Ang Lee's Lust, Caution:

Well I finally saw it, Ang Lee's Lust, Caution, artistically it is gorgeous and incredibly raw emotionally. The last movie I can remember leaving me feeling that emotionally raw and like I had seen something far too intimate and painful, was Closer.
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image: The Chinese Pavillion in Green Park by Karen Kilimnik 2007


Perfumeshrine said...

LOVE your quote! Hahaha.

And Lust Caution and Closer indeed explore real, painful situations.
(contrary to most, I really liked Closer and found the Clive Owen character very realistic in fact)

Jenavira13 said...

The quote is from one of my favorite authors. Clive Owen really was perfect in Closer for his role; then again I could listen to that guy read a telephone book.