Wednesday, July 09, 2008

SOTD: Abricot by L'Aromarine

Today I am taking my first outing with L'Aromarine's Abricot parfum extract, so far very floral and citrusy, and more of a necterine scent to me, personally I would recommend this to fans Jo Malone's Necterine Blossom and Honey and it is a complete steal at $7 a bottle.

Some how in the last month's I have been rather caught up in bird fairytale's, it began with Alice Hoffman's The Third Angel which is woven with the fairytale of The Heron Wife (which I am pretty positive she made up), about a week ago I read Midori Snyder's article on swan wives which can be found here, and now I have come to be rather entranced by The Decemberist's seriese of songs called The Crane Wife, this is Part 3:

Fun little food for thought: both osmanthus and cranes are associated with longevity.
Last night this was all juxtaposed with a Nova special on a four winged dinosaur.
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image: Japanese Crane by Carol Grigg
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