Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SOTD: Black Cashmere

Quote of the day: Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore? -- Henry Ward Beecher

Today is my father's birthday, to celebrate it I am taking him out for barbecue and giving him a bag of delectable goodies (my father comes from a line of people with sweet tooths and has passed it on to me) he also has something arriving in the mail. My Dad has given me many of his attributes over the years starting with my birth, I inherited his rich warm red brown hair (he is really prideful of this), his bibliophile tendencies (well my mother also contributed to this), the obsession with smoked foods, an appreciation of the natural world and history, (that I can honestly say most of my peers do not have), the knowledge of how to make a good fire on winter days, and he also has contributed to my understanding of how artistic vision works, he is also a wood carver, this is some of my father's work:
For my father's birthday I am wearing Black Cashmere because it is essentially the scent of woodshop to me, which reminds me of my father. As for my father's fragrance tendencies he claims to hate strong fragrances, but the fragrances he enjoyed smelling on my mother were: Paloma Picasso, Tabu, and Opium. I think he just doesn't like florals. Happy Birthday Dad.
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image: River Celebration (lunar eclipse) by Kevin Paulsen 2007


Perfumeshrine said...

Happy birthday for your talented dad! So nice of you to celebrate thus :-)

Rita said...

Happy B-day Don!!

Jenavira13 said...

Dad had a good birthday.