Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Current Top 25 Fragrances that are currently in production/available

So I was inspired from yesterday's top 25 of fragrances in Production/available. Also I have taken the day off after the last two days worth of headaches/favor/belly flipping.

*Bois des Iles
I know many describe this as elegant and for only special nights out, but honestly this is pure comfort of the perfect autumn day to me, it is also my favorite fragrance for a gorgeous sandlewood note. Many have described this as reminding them of gingerbread, but for me this is spiced cider.
*Osmanthus Interdite
It is no surprise that this one is here, I adore osmanthus, and this is the gold standard for me. What makes this scent breathtaking and alluring though is heat, it will be firmly put in the cupboard come cool weather.
*Must de Cartier
An amber I adore, imagine smoke, tobacco, gingerbread, amber, vanilla, and narcissus all wrapped up in perfection.
*Narciso Rodriguez edt
Transparent and yet utterly sensual, the perfect scent for the colors of pink and black, always reminds me of glowing skin.
*L de Lolita Lempicka
Strangely smoky salty caramel vanilla scent, that always reminds me of cold winter seashores on a perfect sunny day.
*Chanel 22
A bright flirty aldehydic white floral with a perfect dry incense running through it, it always makes me think of green and white.
*Un Bois Vanille
My idea of Mexican black vanilla, having such a wonderful nectar quality, yet lovely dry woods.
This is my summer pick-me-up, homey yet utterly refreshing.
*Egyptian Goddess
One the best egyptian musks out there, surrounds you in a perfect haze.
*Organza Indecence
A most wonderfully dry vanilla, amber, spice combo. Reminds me of rice pudding and incense.
*Bvlgari pour femme
When I want to give the quality of a spring goddess. Clarity and jubilance.
*Parfum Sacre
My incense rose scent, just melds with you, and makes you think of faraway lands.
*Mille et Une Roses
Think of the most dewy luscious rose.
* Fifi Chachnil
Makes me want to wear pencil skirts and heavy eyeliner and flirt.
*Datura Noir
A cool exotic goddess of scent. The tropics in antartica
*Chanel 5
The classic scent of powdered skin after luxurious bathing.
Could be called utterly trashy, except for its use of smoky dry vanilla, that you don't expect.
Heaven in the sultriest way.
*Infusion d'Iris
Like the first bud of spring, green and silver, utterly elegant, but never pretentious.
*Light Blue
I want to hate it because it is so ubiquitous, but quite frankly it smells so damn good. The best time to wear this, believe it or not, Autumn, brings out the creamy apple lemon note, and reminds me of a Macintosh apple; creamy and crisp.
*Lolita Lempicka
A gourmand that does not smell like Angel and is an original.
*Ambre Narguile
A gourmand that wraps you in the scent of spiced baking treats in the oven. Rum, raisins, apples, and lovely delicate cinnamon.
*Vetiver by Guerlain
The true antidote to summer heat, earthy cool green.
* Burt's Bees Baby Bee Apricot Baby Oil
The truest scent of apricot out there.
cream, spices, and sandalwood. Comfort in a bottle.

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