Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SOTD: Magnifique

So I am re-entering the dating world, I figure I need to force myself to do this, considering my character is not to. So the question is what is everyone's date night scent?
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image: Woman in Red by Guy Pene Du Bois 1938


Anonymous said...

Hrm. I have a fair number of them. Depends on the date. I'm married now but if I weren't it would also depend on the guy.

Laid-back dates, and subtle-sexy as a goal? Eau de Merveilles. This is an underrated classic if you ask me. There's a wee bit of musk, some barely-there sweetness, and clean salt tang. It is just lickable and fantastic without screaming OHMYGAWDPERFUME!

More formal dates: Shalimar, Agent Provocateur (this to me is also pretty sexy)

Seduce juice -- Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale, but very important to let the drydown happen before you leave the house. It is lovely on drydown and very nummy but the opening is a screaming fruit and incense fest.

Perfumeshrine said...

Date scent....hmm, let's see. I am dating a steady one for years, so...I used to rely on Opium though. And he likes Narciso EDT a lot ~then again he likes a lot of things which is one of the reasons he's the steady one ;-)

Good luck, honey!! Bright things hide round the corner.

Jenavira13 said...

Fountaingirl, if there was a scent I would give money to be able to wear it is Eau de Merveilles unfortunatly on my skin it becomes very dull and raspy. Also you can you have date night when you are married :-).

Jenavira13 said...

I wore NR edt on our first date and I have another date this monday night. It is really nice when they like a multitude of things, isn't? I'm trying to be upbeat and positive about this whole experience.