Thursday, January 29, 2009

SOTD: Paris by YSL

So for the last few years I have tried to be seasonel in my life, buying produce that grows in the season, wearing clothes that is seasonal (This probably sounds silly to someone living outside of California), and wearing my fragrances to go with the season. Yet, I am right now hitting that moment when I all I desire to do is throw out my sweet heavy orientals, it was about this time last year I was constantly wearing Infusion d'Iris. So now you are probably wondering as to why I am being stringent with myself with this whole fragrance thing? Mainly because I have a lot of perfumes and I would like to think I put them to good use at one point and if I do it seasonaly then I am making a tiny significant dent in that large stash of fragrances I wear. But today I cannot do it, so I am putting on that gorgeous in your face violet rose scent, Paris. This is the eighties fragrance that always stops me because it doesn't smell dated to my nose and because when at the non-niche fragrance counter it always smells unique. It seems no one decided to copy it.

And a favorite song of mine, When The Stars Go Blue by Ryan Adams

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image: The Rose Garden (display: II) (I) by Sarah Jones 2007
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Perfumeshrine said...

It's rather a wonderful fragrance even if it's so potent (prefer the edt myself). It's indeed quite intriguing as to why no one copied it, I hadn't realized till you mentioned it!
Trust everything's well.

Unknown said...

I have the edt too (well a sample that has lasted me forever). Hope you are well too.