Thursday, January 08, 2009

SOTD: Vanille Noire du Mexique

So it has been awhile since I spoke about the kitten because the truth is I did not get her until yesterday. There were a few physical complications she had but now she is all better. The name Avalou has immediately stuck to her, she is already responding to it after one day, but the amazing part is how well she is responding to me, before yesterday I had only met her once, otherwise for the last month I have been rather invested in pictures of her. Her response upon my arrival yesterday to pick her up, was to immediately come up to me and start purring and do her trademark headbutt of my hand, it was strangely as if she knew I was there to take her home and funny part was she was quite delighted. Even my roommate has noticed how quickly she responds to me when I say her name and she immediately comes running, quite simply I am her mother. She was also really dominant of that fact yesterday because when ever I went to pet my roommates cat, Henri, she would immediately start running to me.
Bizarro part somewhere in the middle of the night she got perfume on herself, I don't even know how. She is now trying to play with Henri whom seems to be finally warming up to her although he did spend most of yesterday making angry emo-teenager cat noises while under my bed or in his favorite closet space. It was very Garfield and Nirmal yesterday. As I sit here typing they are finally playing, Henri is about three times the size of Avalou, but my girl is rather adorably gutsy, tiny but most definately fiesty. I will post pictures some time soon unfortunately my world's worst camera luck continued yesterday, which my brand new phone (I bought it on saturday) day randomly shutting off and never coming back on as I was taking pictures of Avalou.
image: by Erte


Rose said...

my internet connection is not very good at the moment so sorry for the lack of comments! Avalou sounds like she is fitting in very well, I giggled listening to how she and Henry are gradually making friends!

Unknown said...

Glad to know the Henri and Avalou stories are perking up someone's day :-).