Saturday, December 06, 2008

SOTD: Omnia

It has been a while since I wore the most soothing scent out there: Omnia. I admit I am rather sad that Bvlgari keeps putting out flankers for this scent, but do not actually put any work into advertising this scent. This little scent is such perfect mix of cream, woods, spices, and clean musks. Although it does have the issue of being anosmic to some people; what ever musk they use in this fragrance it seems to be a real love it, hate it, and I can't smell anything! Luckly for me this works beautifully. One of the few mainstream fragrances that easily could have been niche. Although the bottle still remains a horrible bitch to deal with! The weird part Bvlgari keeps on going with stupid inbred bottle with its flankers and even used at one point for smaller bottles for Bvlgari femme and its flankers and this happens to be one of the number one complaints Omnia has.
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image: A silk tapestry hanging scroll


ScentScelf said...

Sadly, I am one of the anosmics. Kind of weird, since I have not identified any others that are like that with me. I did once catch a whiff of Omnia...very pleasant....

Jenavira13 said...

Funny thing is it so the sort of thing you don't think is there anymore and then it pops up when you least expect with someone saying you smell lovely.