Tuesday, December 09, 2008

SOTD: Bois des Iles

Today I am going with Bois des Iles, it just seems appropiate in this cold weather, I could actually see my breath all day yesterday while I was outside. It has also occurred to me that Bois des Iles would be an appropiate scent for a cats sensibilities. Which leads me to how animals react to perfume: I once wore Ava Luxe's Rasa and a kitten adored me for it, she would not stop sniffing and licking my wrist. Rex on the other hand is hilarious, when I was petsitting him, I ended up getting a sample of Magnifique which he enjoyed so much that he decided he needed to lick my wrist, but if he doesn't like a scent he will sneeze and then look at me with an expression of "Why on earth?!"

Kitten update: Yesterday was quite the roller coaster, I admit the more I looked at the pictures, I fell in love with the black kitten, Celena, unfortunately I got a call from her shelter parent to learn that she had eye herpes, which is contagious, and with my roommate having a cat also, the shelter parent and I both agreed we probably weren't a good match. I hope Celena finds a good home because she sounds like a wonderful little kitten. The shelter parent then gave me another number for a woman whom apparently specializes in kitten adoptions; I was able to get a hold of the shelter parent last night and she sent me images of two adorable grey tabby kittens, that I am hoping to be able to meet on Thursday. Interesting info I learned: you will have no real idea of the character of a kitten until around 4 months, so that is the adoption age I am now looking for, what can I say I want a cuddle bug kitten, and you have no idea if they will be that way until around 4 months.
image provided by artmagick.net
image: At Home: A Portrait by Walter Crane 1872


darkavery said...

Good luck with the kittens! ^__^b

Rose said...

I have only ever helped my fiend adopt a dog and he got very attached to one he then could't have. But it all worked out in the end because he aopted a lovely little chap and they're very happy.

Bois De Illes is great in the cold isn't it. I've been wearing it quite a bit. Although I'm also layering way more than normal, I'm not if this is because I fee I need layers of 'fume as well as layers of clothes!

Jenavira13 said...

Mary- Thanks; I am so excited I get to meet them tomorrow.

Jenavira13 said...

Rose- I'm so glad it worked out for your friend, it is amazing how emotional you get in this whole process. I understand the whole layering thing, you just have to in cold weather, because scents have to battle the cold to.