Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Fashion Blogging (what I like and don't like)

Ah the red carpet show and thoughts:

Cameron Diaz, pink is not for you and well more dramatic make-up should have been used. The architecture of the dress just isn't working

Amy Adams, A redhead who understands that green is such a gorgeous color on redheads.

What the heck is with all this damn Miley Cyrus crap, she is not even nominated?! Christ has she taken over the world?

Alright Kristen Chenowith's dress is nice

Ellen Page, seems to be going flapper, like the smokey eyes, but wish for once she would go with color.

Hilary Swank, I hate to admit this but the dress is nice, still I want this to be known I am sick of black dresses.

I'm going to need carbs for this. I suspect I am partially watching this for Jon Stewart.

As usual Cate Blanchett is my fashion goddess

And finally it begins.

Oh good grief you can this was made after a writers strike. This is so bad it isn't even funny.

Oh Jon I am fairly positive Javier Bardem and Daniel Day Lewis have crushes on you.

I love James McAvoy; so swoony.

Jon boy is getting very political.

Jennifer Garner, I don't like the dress, like the jewels and the eye make up, but don't like the hair.

Damn costume design is hard this year, but Elizabeth: The Golden Age, really does deserve the award, really that movie was about the dresses. Still Keira's green dress in Atonement was gorgeous, in general I loved the wardrobe for it.

Oh how do i love Tilda Swinton's gorgeous hair.

Why the damn titanic song?!

And Jon just made fun of it.

Anne Hatheway, Oh dear that is a gorgeous dress, very reminiscent of Kate Winslet's red dress.

Katherine Heigl, good dress.

Sweet Jesus Norbit! I knew it would be La Vie en Rose.

Oh poor jon.

Cate Blanchett, yup love it, but then again she is gorgeous.

Another damn montage!

Jennifer Hudson, she looks very fresh, I rather like it.

Keri Russell, I love the jewels, the dress is nice, but the jewels are making it.

And the montages continue for the love of God.

Oh James McAvoy is being such a big brother to the girl from Atonement.

Tilda Swinton, by the way I love Tilda Swinton, but I hate that dress, she so was not expecting this.

Jessica Alba, pregnancy boobs do not need feathers, still the dress is a beautiful color.

Oh James just keep talking with that gorgeous voice, and Josh so tried to one up you.

Damn adaption is a hard catagory this year. James is not happy. Still I knew it was either No Country For Old Men or Atonement. I admit I was rooting for Atonement only because I saw it (didn't have time to see No Country For Old Men).

I cannot believe they are actually doing a montage on Oscar voting.

Miley Cyrus, the look is too old for her.

Oh man best actress is coming up right after this damn montage.

Oh Cate is definately someone who doesn't want to watch herself.

My god Julie Christie is beautiful.

By the way I love Marian Cottilard's mermaid dress.

Marian Cottilard, most definately love the mermaid dress.

Oh you have got to be kidding me. Playing wii on tv.

Alright, i really do need to see Once.

let the montage begin...

Renee Zeleweger, the dress is good, but Renee is looking hard.

Nicole Kidman, is she actually pregnant?, a bit of a blah look.

aside: my butt is hurting

Penelope Cruise, yikes!

Enchanted was nominated 3 times?!

Call it a hunch but I think Enchanted might win. And I was wrong, thank goodness

I like her dress (woman from Once).

Jon is a very nice man.

And you already know my feelings on Cameron Diaz.

And on Hillary Swank.

And on Amy Adams.

Alright I really want the Atonement score to win. Yay!

How can this run over, oh yeah the damn montages!

Diablo Cody, for some reason I think she looks really cute. But this could be the montages talking.

oh look another montage; I am becoming a montage by typing montage.

Helen Mirren, she is awesome! That is all need be said.

Okay I really wanted to Viggo to win he just gets snubbed in my opinion. Still I understand Daniel Day Lewis.

and the director montage, I am dreading the best picture montage.

I must say Denzel is looking very very suave.

And the winner is No Country For Old Men.

Phew I am done.

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