Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lost Blogging

So I am a Lost addict and I am now going to blog. Well after last weeks hot hot Sayid episode (My god is Naveen Andrews gorgeous!), the hotness continues with Sawyer.

-Ooh Locke mad; but what else can you expect with Ben
-I've never been a huge Evangeline Lilly fan but good grief is she gorgeous this season.
-Her and Sawyer really do have chemistry, but then again so do her and Jack especially in last years episode when she went to rescue Jack from the Others. Still I want her with Sawyer because when Sawyer is with her, he puts the sexy on.
-Ah Kate is up to her old tricks sniffing around where no one wants, by the way I really do want someone to one up Locke! (getting a wee bit smug with "I've been Jacob's cabin" chosen attitude) Why did they have to kill off Eko?!
-Squeee she is so pretty even in a jump suit!
-Although, this does prove how stupid Kate can be, why get off the Island when you are WANTED?! And Kate has a baby (Sawyers?) or is it a mystery child?
-Ah Jack on the beach with Juliette, will I ever like Juliette? Sun is wonderful
-Emilie de Ravin girl with the prettiest eyes; but then again Lost could be called "The Show
with People who have exceptionally pretty eyes and daddy issues
-Okay Jack is looking hot in the suit and I don't usually find Matthew Fox very hot, but will give him kudos for knowing how to cry passionately also for his hilarious role in a skit from SNL with him playing a Rave DJ.
-Well Jack is lying beautifully
-Oh Kate don't dig yourself deeper in the damn hole.
-And of course the infamous triangle gets brought up in the courtroom; Jack you are such a liar.
-Sawyer, glasses, Hugo, and XANADU=awesome! Don't you just love the odd couple? But why are they together?
-What the hell is Kate up to?! Bust out Ben?
-Hmm, did Kate loop Sawyer into her plan?
-Really Locke is asking for advice from Sawyer the guy who everyone usually hates, Sawyer you are so not getting any nookie after this little conversation.
-Of course a much needed/usual run through the jungle (but shockingly dry, usually a Lost run through the jungle requires rain and lots of it)
-Never forget Kate knows how to handle a gun!
-Oh Myles you really have no idea what you are doing. Ben does really have good question why 3.2 million? Doofus.
-Myles you are such a doofus, you do know Kate can beat the crap out of you?
-Kate is also a doofus.
-So now left with the question did Kate really want to get off the island or did she do it for the baby?
-Ah Kate listening to music, back to the civilized world of beds and not knowing what to do, and now Kate is being out of Camp Locke. Still nice to see Claire questioning Locke
-Ah Sabrina's Witch Aunt aka Kate's Mom and Kate meet. Kate looks awesome in that color. Oh Kate you might not be going to jail after all
-Oh jesus! Sawyer in bed topless reading, drool, and drool a little bit more. Damn those dimples. Finally someone is having some fun on the island.
-Jack getting nutty and formidable.
-Oh damn what happened to Sayid?!
-Lock and Myles in a shack and apparently Locke is taking notes from Sayid with a grenade in Myles mouth, but can he do crazy leg moves like Sayid?
-Ah nothing like the morning wake up with no sex, I admit I don't think I would be strong as Kate. Blue really is Kate's color. Kate wants a baby? And now she is leaving. Oh Kate you are a nutjob. Sawyer does have a point
-10 years probation? Is Widmore having fun.
-Ah the return of Mr. No I Don't Love Her But Obviously I Do and yeah he does love her. Jack doesn't want to see the baby; obviously a case of baby phobia brought on by the Island.
-So everybody lives in LA?
-And the mystery baby is Aaron!

So of course related back to perfume: What would Kate wear? Sawyer? As for Locke, well none of course, unless of course it is musk to cover up his human aroma while hunting.
Fragrances for Kate: something easy to find, possibly irisy, but she is a bit of an actress, would she sick of the scent of the tropics after being on the Island for so long? I imagine she wears the classics (she has only had time to get to know these). Maybe J'Adore, Bonne Belle Skin Musk, Private Collection.
-Intriguing piece of info in real life Evangeline Lilly swears by The Body Shop Vanilla.


Marzipan said...

Another Lost fan here! Watched it while it was on network TV and then several years later spent the entire summer watching every episode with my family on NetFlix. Beyond the direct story line the underlying philosophical, ethical and spiritual themes embedded into the script makes this one of the most compelling and intelligent shows ever...brilliant writers and probably my favourite show of all times. and I adore how the characters are named after historical figures!

Jennifer Koth said...

I am currently at the moment so tempted to start watching this on Netflix again, my boyfriend and me are sort of waiting for optimum rewatch value. It really was great even when it veered off its path at times.

Marzipan said...

LOst is definitely a series that you could watch 10 times and get something different out of it through each viewing...I would love to revisit it one day with my husband.