Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Red Lentil Quest....

I am on a quest for a perfect red lentil far this quest has been interesting but none have lead me to going that must be apart of my recipe collection, and here is the rundown of what I have gone through:
-Red Lentil and Squash Soup recipe can be found here Recipe
I imagine this recipe would be richer with the adding of Vegetable or Chicken broth but I have a feeling this defeats the purpose. Over all not bad but it just doesn't wow, still the use of spices was excellent, but definately needs more lemon. I found myself having to add hot sauce and a runny fried egg was excellent on top (which once again defeats the purpose). Overall it reminds of the wonders a little fat can do to a recipe which this recipe didn't have and I ended up adding in the form of an egg fried in olive oil. Still this recipe seems ripe for playing with and making something amazing with it. This also needs lots of salt.
-Next up Curiousity Killed The Cooks Lebanese Mdardara I finally got this one to kind've work but I have come to a conclusion that elevation must play a huge role in the porpotioning of water to lentils and rice, also it began to burn on the way and I had to switch pans, luckly saved mixture, the fried onions were excellent on top, but the amount of times this comes to near burning rice hell makes it a definate not remake. Plus I added way more cumin. Plus a little hot sauce on top of this is excellent (I'm seeing a hot sauce trend here and I firmly blame my boyfriend).
-And lastly my Jubilance Soup sure it has red lentils but I do not feel this show cases red lentils so it really doesn't belong.
The quest continues...........


Cait Shortell said...

I have a fantastic red lentil recipe from Diane Kochilas. It's a dip. Basically, you boil up the lentils until soft and until the water boils off. Add salt and pepper and a couple of drops of good balsamic vinegar. Let that sit.

Separately, saute in a good amount of olive oil chopped scallions, garlic and chopped sun dried tomatoes. Salt and pepper. Add this topping to a bed of the lentils and serve as a dip accompanied with oven warm triangles of pita bread.

It is pure bliss.

Jennifer said...

I will have to make that in the coming months; sounds delicious!