Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snippet Reviews: Abdul Karim Al Faransi Maison de Parfum edition

Musk Warda N.3
If you are a fan of clean rose scents and clean musk scents then this scent is for you. Very much a dewy rose scent with leanings toward the tea rose category, but thankfully nothing overbearing. Definitely of the aldehydic musk variety. Try if you like Serge Luten's Clair de Musc or Sonoma Scent Studio's Velvet Rose.

Sample this immediately if you love Parfum d'Empire's Ambre Russe or Ava Luxe's now legendary long discontinued Madame X. This has the rich baroque spice and amber of Ambre Russe combined with the slinky animalic labdanum and leather of Madame X. The florals used remind me a bit of Caron's Narcisse Noir, a rather narcotic combination of grape-y orange blossom and jasmine with an herbal rose. Very animalic.

Musk Abiyad Optimum
Ever wanted to smell a white musk of high caliber ingredients, such as when a perfumer is using good quality ambrette? Then this scent is for you. I imagine this is originally what white musk smelled like before the note became overtaken by the laundry detergent note that has over the years taken over white musk. An intensely animalic anise opening that settles into a pure white musk note. If you consider yourself a true white musk aficionado then you need to try this.

Musk Al-Qurtabi
If you want a musk with an intense floral opening a la the grape florals as I like to call them, a combination of orange blossom and jasmine, then this musk is for you. Unfortunately this blend never really settled on me so I really couldn't tell you about the musk. My floral wonky skin didn't really allow me to enjoy this.

If you love Jeffrey Dame's New Musk or Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez this scent is worth your time which tells you it is not for me. It has that unique musk on me that goes strangely screechy.

Image by Olaf Hajek


marzipan said...

Oh yes I love ambrette seed essential oil and I also like Dame Perfumery's New Musk so two of these caught my attention immediately....

btw, Dame's Mimosa!!!! is all I can say...I think this will be my full bottle purchase...diffuse, billowy and ethereal....a no brainer for office/work and around those who are sensitive to scent...(and it is so pretty!!!!!) I have seen in other reviews a comparison to Caron's Farnesia (not sure I am spelling that right but if my memory serves me you like that one, correct?).

Jennifer Koth said...

Hmm, I might have to check out the Mimosa. I got the Narcissus, Rose de Mai, and Osmanthus. He sent me a sample of the Gardenia but now I feel like I must complete the smelling.

marzipan said...

Oh NEED the Mimosa :)
Somehow I think you might like it!

Jennifer Koth said...

Today I was dreaming a bit about trying the Mimosa will have to get my hands on it soon :-)

Mara Draffnon said...

I have to say, I tried Hind because of your review... AMAZING. Can't believe it's so good. It was mostly taif rose, benzoin and ambergris on me, but still, incredible fragrance ! Thank you :)

Jennifer Koth said...

Mara, so glad you tried this and enjoyed it! I wish I got more rose with this one.