Monday, January 25, 2016

Musk Quest: Musc by Reminiscence

As I've mentioned recently I'm on the mission for a new musk. My absurdly long lived Egyptian Goddess roll-on oil by Auric Blends recently turned and I need a new musk to wear. The frank truth is by the end Egyptian Goddess was no longer really me either. We had grown apart. I still consider it one of the best cheap thrills you can get in the perfume world and definitely recommend it to those that love Egyptian musk scents. Still I want a musk back in my collection that I can wear and feel great in. The pleasure of a good musk scent is that they smell like a natural awesome smelling extension of you.

I was recently going through my collection of samples when I stumbled on Musc by Reminiscence. It stuck out even more considering the recent review I read on Chez Pajama for it. Chez Pajama considers it a favorite of her's and that it has a rather intimate quality going on. Well I had to try it with that ringing endorsement and lets be frank if there is one place where mutations of scent on different skin can be smelled it is in the musk category of perfume.

Musc by Reminiscence smells good. It is one of those downy warm sweet creamy musks on me that some people say remind them of babies although I would say Reminiscence sidesteps that issue by keeping a lovely spicy bitter almond note running through out the musk. Musc is all about warm clean skin on me, whatever animalic edge other's encounter in this scent is sucked up on my skin (I can notoriously de-animalic scents that are considered super animalic and I can animalic scents that are considered safe). For me Musc is all comfort and ease with a little bit of spice running through it. I like that Musc is not a white musk or an Egyptian musk, it is closer to the old school 70s musks but a bit sweeter and more interesting.

It's not quite the musk I am looking for but I am most definitely going to enjoy my sample of it while I have it.

Try Musc by Reminiscence if you like Disco Nap by Smell Bent, Clair de Musc by Serge Lutens, or Dana O'Shee by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

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marzipan said...

I am going to recommend Dame Perfumery Musk for Men....I love this musk...and you can either get a travel spray (EDT) or fairly large decant of the Musk oil for a great price on both...and the shipping is free!

womo531 said...

Go for Le Labo Musc 25 =)

Jennifer Koth said...

Hi Marzipan,
You know, I love lots of Dame Perfumery's stuff, but unfortunately the musk he released does not work on me. Somehow it gets screechy on me just like the Narciso Rodriguez scent. I was a bit bummed out by the whole thing because I was prepared to make New Musk my musk scent.

Jennifer Koth said...

Womo531, adding it to the list :-). Why do you particularly like it?

Neyon said...

And it looks so pretty! Like a cozy, sparkling evening. Love scents that are sweet and powdery and nutty and deliciously warm

Jennifer Koth said...

Neyon, I have a musk review coming up that is totally going to fit the bill you described while with the nutty aspect.

Neyon said...