Thursday, January 28, 2016

A List of Musks That Have Not Worked For Me

Let's discuss the musk scents that have not worked for me. The variation of how they have not worked is either I am anosmic/my skin sucked them up or they did something horrendous on my skin. I like to make these lists because well I feel like it gives me an idea of where to pinpoint the issue at hand:

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez (I wanted that gorgeous milky white bottle in my collection but alas that was just not happening.)
Essence by Narciso Rodriguez (Too much laundry detergent in this)
New Musk by Dame Perfumery (I love many of his scents but this definitely turned screechy on me :-( )

Just Kind of Weird
Suaded Musk by GAP (what should have been a safe bet just sort of smelled off on.
Original Musk by Kiehl's (Not uber anything I just did not enjoy the powdery aspect of it)

Disappearing Act
Elephant and Roses by Marie Candide Gentle
Le Parfum by Barbara Bui
Silk Way by Ted Lapidus


marzipan said...

Too bad about the Dame one! I just ordered the travel sprays of his new Soliflore EDTs...once they come I will let you know how I get on with them!

I was thinking about you this morning as I applied this body oil which I made myself with sesame oil from Aura Cacia and a generous amount of Inland Fog's Hinoki Woods perfume oil....although it isn't a musk, per se, it has a nice musky skin scent like quality...and is super should definitely check out Inland Fog as their products are great and they hail from the California region.

I also thought that you might have like Sonoma Scent Studio's Egyptian Musk and Sienna Musk...I loved them both but sadly they are discontinued.

Also, thanks to your recommendation, I am getting Everyone Hair Shampoo and Conditioner today in my mail along with an all over body oil made by the same company ...I got the "Nourish" for the hair products as my hair is dry and I hope the smell is as amazing as the "Balancing" ones...for the body oil the name escapes me but it was described as "tropical" with notes of gardenia and other lush florals...I am inspired to scent myself with more than just fragrance these days!

And on a final note the Jo Malone soaps are amazing! The scent lingers on my skin even after I towel dry....unfortunately they have a limited selection of fragrances for the soap...really wish there was more of a variety!

Jennifer Koth said...

I ordered some travel sizes of his new soliflore scents too. Can't wait to try them, hopefully we got some of the same ones and then we can really share thoughts :-).

Ahh, another scent on my to try list.

You know years ago I had a sample of SSS's Opal a variation on a good white musk and I have sampled her Sienna Musk which for some reason never quite melded with my skin.

Oh, I hope the Everyone Shampoo and Conditioner works out.

There is nothing quite like a nice soap :-).