Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Beyond the Spritz: Balance Conditioner by Everyone

About two years ago my scalp became hypersensitive and it took me a very long time to figure out the culprit of the issue, I eventually figured it out and realized it was sulfates. I tried many different methods of trying to clean my hair the first being the no-poo method of washing my hair but found over time I didn't like the results (especially when combined with hard water), shampoo bars (once again does not work with hard water), and many different forms of sulfate free forms of shampoo and conditioner and almost all could not handle hard water. I eventually lucked out in my journey in trying the rather new Everyone Balance Shampoo and Conditioner, finally a sulfate free duo that could handle hard water.

Yet, the thing that strikes me every time I used the Everyone Balance Conditioner is that real smoky earthy vetiver essential oil is used in it. If you have ever wondered what vetiver essential oil smells like but don't want to pick up a bottle of it then I recommend going out and smelling the Everyone Balance Conditioner. The funny this is that the Balance Shampoo definitely does not smell of vetiver, in fact it is rather a natural citrus scent, so this draws me to the conclusion that the vetiver actually must play a genuine role in the product.

It is rather refreshing to have a shampoo and conditioner that do not smell of fruits or flowers, I've actually always been a fan of earthier scents when bathing and this definitely fits my earthier scent predilections when bathing.

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marzipan said...

Oh my gosh! thank you for this recommendation!!!!
We have hard water but my daughter insists on using only natural products so everything is sulfate free! My son uses the Everyone Body washes but now I must seek out the shampoos and conditioners...I have vetiver e.o. from both Eden Botanicals and Inland Fog so I know I am going to love the scent!

marzipan said...

Do check them out!

marzipan said...

The shampoo contains juniper, clary sage, grapefruit, tea tree, vetiver and cedar essential oils. The conditioner has the addition of orange essential oil. The difference in smell must be the proportions of the essential oils that they use.

Jennifer Koth said...

Which is why I find them so interesting. Hope this works out for you :-). Hard water has currently become the bane of my personal cleaning routine.