Thursday, March 12, 2009

SOTD: Lieu de Reves

Helg you were right when you said this was pretty and I am going to add this is just plain pretty. I like to think I go with the edgier fragrances but the truth is I don't, but at the same time nor do I often wear what I consider to be utterly and completely pretty (I sometimes think this is just hard for me to pull off, because off line I am a rather sarcastic person) but Laurie at Sonoma Scent Studio has pulled off pretty at its prettiest. The violet in this feels as though it has been drenched in cool spring rain and then been left on a plate with rosewater madelines and perfect snow white macaroons. This is gourmand in the sense that L'Heure Bleu is gourmand, there are notes of gourmand running through it, but the fragrance is not edible. This is the sort've of fragrance that other women will complement you on. Bizarrely enough all I can think when I smell this is if you enjoy the prettiness of Le Chasse aux Papillons then I highly suggest you take a sniff of this, they do not smell similar at all, but they run in the same family of pretty.

Also having the guy over tonight, I'm making pasta carbonara and roasted asparagus, and I am going to pull out the Fifi Chachnil edp.
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image: Spring by Frances MacNair


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Sounds delish... have fun! xo

Jenavira13 said...

It was delicious! :-)

Marzipan said...

This was my first SSS full bottle purchase and I am so sad to see that Laurie has relegated it to the "vault" no longer to be produced when the juice runs out!

Jennifer Koth said...

It is interesting how SSS's more vintage takes are being relegated to the vault, but on the other hand it is understandable with material issues and vintage perfumes can frequently be such a harder sell.