Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Fragrance Wardrobe

It is finally spring and I could not be happier, after so much amber and incenses, and heavy gourmands, you find yourself wanting ethereal spring fragrances, and I just wanted to share my spring wardrobe choices for spring:

Bois des Iles- This one never gets old, the sandalwood becoming more dominent, and bringing out a creamy earthiness that just enhances the skin.

Bvlgari pour femme- Jasmine tea and surrounded by blooming mimosa, beautiful but warm, nothing austere about it.

Chanel No. 22- A white floral sparkling with aldehydes and having a wonderful dry back drop of incense and nectorous vanilla, a perfect bouquet.

Datura Noir- In spring the coolness of Tuberose blooms in this, making a wonderfully milky concoction, with hints of almond.

Egyptian Goddess- This just blooms on me, the lightest breath of heat, and you are surrounded by the perfect floral musk.

Gold by Donna Karan edt- I have always wanted a lily fragrance in my collection and this one just blooms beautifully on me, it is sensually intense, but at the same time utterly spring.

Infusion d'Iris- The sheer easy serene elegance of this always stops me, the combination of earthy orris with hints of green and the lightest touch of orange blossom, always makes me think of silver and green.

La Parisienne- Shining silver bells and spring blossoms, I am always happy when I smell this.

Le Chasse aux Papillons- This is a sunny slightly humid spring garden bursting with vitality, it makes me want to be surrounded by daffodils.

L'Heure Attendue- Warm ambered lilacs, old-fashioned in the best of ways, yearning.

Lolita Lempicka- Powdery, sweet, with violets and anise dancing merrily together, this is jubilant and happy.

Mille et Une Roses- The sheer gentle warmth of this utterly romantic rose always stops me in my tracks, it is heavenly with its dewiness.
Osmanthe Yunnan- While I associate Osmanthus Interdite with summer, there is a greeness and smokiness to Osmanthe Yunnan that makes me think spring.
Narciso Rodriguez- This is good with any season, but I find in spring it takes on the character of a fertile spring nymph, a lively sensuality.
Songes- Creamiest of flowers warmed by incense and somehow it reminds me of bees buzzing.
Un Lys- Like falling into a lily.
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image: The Four Seasons (Spring) by Alejandro de Riquer


Rose said...

well you will be smelling wonderful this spring! there are a couple I don't know on there so I have to hunt them down. I love Un Lys, Songes, Mille et une (still no bottle unfortunately)Rx

Jenavira13 said...

Rose, you really do have to get a bottle of it, and so far Mille et Une Roses has been the new BF's favorite.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Love your list... may your intoxicating scents attract nothing but Springtime delights :)

Jenavira13 said...

Springtime delight is most definately being enjoyed.