Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Getting Creative: Home Fragrance Oils

This morning I had the urge for the scent of lavender and oranges, I'm not quite sure why I am so fond of this mixture of scents, but I suppose I like that it is calming and awakening at the same time. My answer to the problem; a mixture of home fragrance oils. I really enjoy the creativity you are allowed with home fragrance oils. They allow you to play perfumerer of your home in a non-expensive way. I admit I get the most fun out of my discontinued Les Couvents des Minimes Orange & Cinnamon home fragrance oil (truth be told though it doesn't really have any cinnamon), the orange used is mild and warm unlike the potent Satsuma sold by The Body Shop. The blends well with other scents and offers a wonderful orange zingingness to other scents most often I blend it woud Henri Bendel's Holiday (also discontinued; rats!) or Lavender oil, I admit right I am on the hunt for a good vanilla home fragrance oil.

Another offering of beauty The Decemberist's Engine Driver, beautifully melodic and lyrical:

image provided by artnet.com
image: Koi with Small Bowl by David Kroll 2006
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Rose said...

I want to start mixing my own scent oils to wear but there are so many scents I love I never really seem to start!

The lavender orange combination sounds good actually, I find orange comforting as well as awakening and much prefer it to a lemon based type citrus.

Jenavira13 said...

You know I enjoy lemon scents, but they must be herbal or focused on the blossom, all to often they wander off into Pledge territory.

When mixing oils and the skin are involved it gets so much more complicated, because you have to deal with the unknown element of how your skin will react.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Why do they discontinue all the good ones? L'occitane has discontinued so many of my favorite scents- chestnut, which was so amazing and lovely for fall and fig, a scent that I tend to love no matter the season.

Once again, great musical choice. I usually like to listen to music in the morning but lately I have been watching MSNBC- addicted to election coverage :) not exactly soothing...

Jenavira13 said...

My MSNBC addiction is Rachel Maddow; not soothing exactly but at least she has a sense of humor. L'Occitane seems to be on the incredibly stupid mode when it comes to their discontinuations. And chestnuts smell so good when roasting.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I'm loving the Rachel Maddow Show- I try to get home early enough every day to catch the tail end of Countdown with Keith Olbermann too :)

Perfumeshrine said...

The video was very pleasurable! Thanks :-)
Lavender and orange might be good, so will try it out :-)