Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SOTD: Coco Madamoiselle pure parfum

Quote of the day: If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner.-- Tallulah Bankhead
If there is a note Chanel should be known for I think it is there jasmine. I have never been a jasmine lover, but yesterday after I put on Coco Madamoiselle I was entranced by the jasmine note that Chanel uses. I have smelled it in Chance, Allure, Allure Sensualle, and Chanel 5 and it remains one of the most gloriously creamy jasmines out there. But how can I forget the aldehydes which I think Chanel uses geniusely, examples: Bois des Iles (a mix of woods and aldehydes that I have yet to smell any where else), Chanel 22 (aldehydes and incense, I still haven't smelled this combo any where else), and grandmother of it all Chanel 5. But then again I think the house of Chanel has rather been genius with the use of vetiver and patchouli; in fact I think Coco Madamoiselle is first fragrance to really use the cleaned-up patchouli note that has taken over the world of perfume the last couple of years. I never thought the day would happen that I would owe most of my allegience in fragrance love to the house of Chanel; I thought I would be a Guerlain girl, but I had the sad realization that guerlinade and I do not get along together. Chanel is so modern and I look rather in proportions and looks like something from the 19th century, but I do also love the irony in fashion.
image proved by artnet.com
image: Tete de Femme by Francois Louis Schmied 1930

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