Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Birth of Cool and AMC's Mad Men

I admit I am not usually obsessessed with the style of films or television shows, every once awhile my attention is truly grabbed by the style I am seeing on screen. The first show that has captured my fancy in long time with its sheer visual appeal is AMC's Mad Men it is so authentically 1950's that I often sat watching it completely loving just the visual of it (not to mention the awesome acting and incredible writing.). I have come to appreciate the art of the show even more after going to an exhibit yesterday called The Birth of Cool which directly dealt with the style of the 1950's and all I could say is the set designers of Mad Men are truly worthy of admiration. I juxtaposed a few images to show how Mad Men capturing the style of the times.
enjoy. By the way I have for awhile tried to fragrance Joan (the voluptous gorgeous red head in the green dress in the top photo) for quite a while after a scene between her and one of the male leads, after he says she smells incredible, and it finally occurred I would put her in Youth Dew, it fits to a T.
image provided by for Mad Men cast visual

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