Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SOTD: Clementine by Melissa Flagg and Fragrant Thoughts

Quote of the Day: Reality is nothing but a collective hunch.-- Jane Wagner, Lily Tomlin in "The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe"

Today I testing out Melissa Flagg's Clementine, which last year gained some notice when it was being hyped that many starlets were wearing this orange blossom scent. I suspect this was being touted as the next Child, Kai, and Monyette Paris; the famous white floral oils of Southern California. Clementine is a cute very simple orange blossom scent and if you have floral issues like I do, it is quite indolic on my skin. The thing was I had great hopes for it because I am a big lover of orange blossom out of the white florals in the world this is the one that attracts me, but I have yet to find my perfect orange blossom scent. So the search continues...

A Few Fragrant Thoughts:
-I love carnation but carnation does not love me, I remember as a child wandering my grandmother's garden and loving to lean over and smell her carnations, but I have come to the realization that when used in fragrance it is basically a death wish for me except for Commes des Garcon's Carnation. Two greats of perfume feature carnation Opium and Coco and both are heinous on me because of the carnation.
- Gorgeous smell of the day: homemade tapioca pudding. delish.

And for some humor after watching both Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and I'm Not There in the last few weeks, I must include the hilarious mock-up of Bob Dylan style songs from Walk Hard, and here it is Royal Jelly as done by Dewey Cox:

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image: Orange Shades-Alliterative
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