Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Such a Little Wonder or Rhubarb Dreams: Jimmy by Bruno Fazzolari

The thing about a Bruno Fazzolari scent is that he is able to lend his synesthesia to the wearer. When you wear Monserrat it does immediately evoke the color orange. Au Dela brings to mind earthy shades of browns and greens. And with Jimmy, Fazzolari, is able to evoke an a combination of colors I have always loved, vibrant rich pink and green.

Jimmy is a happy scent, it is probably the easiest entry point into Fazzolari's collection of scents, it is in fact incredibly easy going. The word that Jimmy brings to mind is delightful. The scent of Jimmy is spritely and bright. The beginning of Jimmy is a play of violets and tart black current, everything is dancing together, and honestly I am reminded of the dancing ballet hippos in Disney's Fantasia. I think it's because there is a rather jolly bounce to Jimmy.

The violets in Jimmy are happy, there is nothing melancholic about these violets, consider them rain drenched and suddenly in spring sunshine. The tart accent of black current gives them a fruit accent and they are sweetened with rose.

The violets eventually make room for a wonderful alchemy on Fazzolari's part, what enters is grapefruit, a grapefruit that plays equally beside the violet and rose. You smell all three of them at the same time and bizarrely it all reminds me of rhubarb, I can't explain it but that is exactly what happens.

What is interesting about all of this is right in the background is an excellent use of ambergris and moss, they add an earthiness that only enhances the rhubarb quality of the scent even more. It is sort of a briar patch effect, the way berries are enhanced by the earthy scent of the briars around them.

Jimmy is an excellent recreation of a spring day. I highly recommend to those that miss Spring in the Winter.

Try Jimmy if you like Jour d'Hermes, Sonoma Scent Studio's Yin and Ylang, or  Le Temps d'une Fete by Nicolai Parfumeur.

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Second image Janet Little Jeffers


marzipan said...

Yum! and you gave me a great blending idea- violet , rose and grapefruit=rhubarb

as an aside rhododendrum leaf e.o. + tangerine e.o.= pineapple (not the sweet cloying but the fresh mouthwatering...true to the real thing)

and I love David Bowie!

Unknown said...

I will be curious to hear about how the blending idea goes :-).

I had no idea Rhododendrum leaf e.o. existed, very interesting.

And Bowie is great! One of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

This just sounds like has so many of my favourite notes in it..

Unknown said...

It really is quite heavenly, just like a perfect spring day.