Monday, October 12, 2015

Disasters & Disappointments, An Unfortunate Series, Part 1

I recently tried five fragrances that I had high hopes for. I found that they divided themselves into two unique categories of let down 1) my skin swallowed them up or 2) my chemistry turned them nasty.

First up the disappointments:

1) Frida by En Voyage Perfumes
I so very much wanted to love this perfume, I even went to the launch party at Tigerlily Perfumery, and got to meet the lovely perfumer herself, Shelley Waddington. Sadly, my skin swallowed up most of Frida and did a few weird things to the notes. This is not a delusion on my part considering at the party I was able to smell lovely variations of it on others.

2) Elephant & Roses by Maria Candide Gentile
For a moment I get the animalic quality of this scent at the very beginning and then my skin utterly swallows it up. I poured half a sample vile of it on myself and an hour later could barely smell a trace of it. No roses for me, rather it turned itself into a barely there creamy white musk.

The disasters:

3) Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez
I was so excited to try this scent because I love his first variation on musk, but this scent turned into an awful screechy gardenia pencil shaving musk on me. So much wrong happened with this on my skin.

4) Tilda Swinton Like This by Etat Libre d'Orange
First I must say I love Tilda Swinton, so the idea of trying her perfume and wearing it is a very attractive prospect. I loved the idea of a spicy pumpkin perfume what I instead got was a horrid screachy jasmine mess that eventually showed it's immortelle heart, but good god that opening was awful on me, and it never fully went away. Will continue to love Tilda's films but her perfume is sadly meant for others.

5) Modern Muse Chic by Estee Lauder
Many had mentioned the vampy plum note in this, so I thought what the heck I'll give this perfume a try. What I instead got was cumin sweat modern chypre fruit musk. This was not skanky good on me, this is the travesty of when jasmine and whatever spice note they use in Modern Muse Chic combine. I respect that someone was able to get an animalic note on the Estee Lauder fragrance counter but it was awful on me, truly gross, thankfully my skin eventually swallowed it up.

And that wraps up my first column of recent Disappointments & Disasters. Had any recently yourself?

Image by Nayoung Wooh


marzipan said...

as they say in French "quel dommage" (not sure if I spelled that French is a bit rusty!
I wasn't impressed with "Like this" when I tried it a while ago and my skin had the same reaction to Narcisco....
However, I will have to say that sometimes trying something again does have its merits...I tried Ateliers Cedras atlas in sEphoras and I could not smell a thing (this was in the summer) but then I recently got a sample and it was much stronger and I really liked it (perhaps something having to do with the weather being cooler?)

Jennifer Koth said...

Oh, I would be willing to give the disappearers a chance, but in the case of Elephant & Roses not so much, I used the whole vial, multiple days and it really did just disappear on me.