Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Black Tea Fougere: Eau de Gaga 001 by Lady Gaga

I wouldn't have picked up this perfume except for Victoria over at eaumg.net giving it an incredibly positive review and she was correct in her enthusiasm for the scent.

I could start this review with the usual discussion of how most celebrity fragrances leave much to be desired but honestly it is well covered territory and I'm not adding anything new to the discussion.

So lets get to the scent, for an absurdly low price, you can get what I am going to call a black tea fougere, well that is how Eau de Gaga reads on my skin, and lots of people get the tea note. Frankly, as so many reviewers point this scent smells far more classy and expensive than it should. The word that comes to my mind every time I smell Eau de Gaga is "dapper", this scent is dapper, it's tasteful, fun, and wonderfully androgynous. At times leaning more towards the masculine but then reigning it in enough that the feminine comes out. It is actually rather mercurial on me sometimes the black tea note is the most strong other times the violet steps forward but it always ends up smelling like ambergris leather musk on me. That may sound heavy but in no way is it.

What I find myself respecting the most about this scent is the musk. It's not a laundry detergent white musk, which feels practically unheard of these days at the mass market fragrance counter. It is a warm clean animalic musk that does not suggest I have recently been to the dry cleaner, it's not screechy, rather it is caressing, like skin still damp with water after a bath.

So who thought a bizarrely tasteful and thoughtful scent would come from Lady Gaga? I didn't, but I am wonderfully surprised.

Try if you like Jicky by Guerlain, Gris Clair by Serge Lutens, or Dorian by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

First image from fragrantica.com
Second Image Jiwoon Pak www.kaifineart.com


marzipan said...

Love fougeres! (have you ever tried Ineke's Derring Do?)
Love tea!
Love the price on this one!
Will have to check it out!

Jennifer Koth said...

I have not tried Ineke's Derring Do, but I've never had much luck with her scents :-(. It is definitely worth checking out considering the price point.

marzipan said...

Now I am curious as to which of the Inekes did not work for you (as we seem to have similar tastes). My favorites and full bottles are Evening Edged in Gold and Angel's Trumpet. I had a full bottle of derring do but I drained it fast! Ineke used to be very affordable...if you bought her deluxe sampler pack (and it really is deluxe...very large sample sprays packed in individual boxes that are displayed in a gorgeous larger box...very aesthetically appealing) for $25.00 you would get a coupon for 25 off of a full bottle ...so basically you were getting eight gorgeous samples and a full bottle for sixty five dollars....Now I think the full bottles are $90 and when you buy the sampler for $25 you only get $15 off the bottle (I know it seems as though I am obsessed with cost but I am on a tight budget and have to make every dollar count0LOL!)

Jennifer Koth said...

Evening Edged in Gold is one, it never really transitions on me. Also, the Paris one, which for the life of me I can't remember the name of.