Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Scents

I sit here eating summer in my palm, a stone fruit, a green plum, achingly sweet at one moment, and wonderfully tart the next moment. Yesterday was the first day of summer, I celebrated it in a soft vanillic musk, making dinner for Father's Day, all the windows open, with a soft breeze going throughout the apartment. Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy summer too often I just remember the blazing heat. I spritzed on Osmanthus Interdite and once again realized the only it really should be worn is in the summer, in other seasons it can rasp and seem high pitched, but in summer it blooms, melds with your skin, and just makes you feel like you glow. As the seasons change I change my fragrance wardrobe, some of them hold over from spring, and some through out the year. So here is what I should be wearing throughout summer.

*4711: The ultimate cooler in summer heat.
*Azuree Soleil: A summer vacation in the tropics but done in the most tasteful way.
*Bois des Iles: What I use when I need woods in the summer.
*Coco Madamoiselle: Jasmine and vetiver with a ton of class.
*Datura Noir: So cool and creamy; adult ice cream.
*Baghari: I lovely this orange creamy soft scent in the summer with the hints of earthy vetiver.
*Bvlgari pour femme: I love the mimosa halo this creates.
*Fleurs d'Osmanthus: Tropical osmanthus with notes of green sap.
*Infusion d'Iris: A soothing tonic in the summer heat.
*Kimono Rose: Citrus and black currents entwined with creamy jasmine.
*Le Chasse aux Papillons: Perfect fresh cool flowers just being put out in the sun.
*Les Nuis d'Hadrien: Earthy, cooling, herbal incense.
*L de Lolita Lempicka: This should be too much in summer heat but in the summer the smokiness in this comes out and it smells divine.
*Mure by Molinard: Sometimes the scent of blackberries is all I want.
*Narciso Rodriguez: It just smells good all year long.
*Osmanthus Interdite: Glistening skin.
*Sicily by Dolce & Gabanna: This is summer sultriness in a bottle.
*Songes by Annick Goutal: This will of course be evening, the creamy blossoms of the scent blooming in the humidity of summer evenings.
*Un Matin d'Orage: Gardenias and green nectarines.
*Vanille Divine des Tropiques: Creamy vanilla, vetiver, and ylang ylang.
*Vanille Fleurie de Tahiti: Joking by the pool and drinking goofy summer drinks, nothing serious, all fun, and sometimes that is just what you want.

image provided by
The chataeu of Houdain from the Album de Croy of Charles, 4th Duc d'Arschot


Rose said...

mmm what a gorgeous selection. I'm still in the spring scents. Lots of French lime blossom and cleans smells but can't wait to hit the greens and tropicals!

ScentScelf said...

Hi, list. Interesting how the summer list can be as expansive as a cooler weather one, no?

I am with you on Infusion d'Iris. Where you have 4711, I'd insert Eau Imperiale (Guerlain). Funny you mention Matin d'Orage...I just wore it for a lovely brunch out on a terrace...the green wears close to my skin, and I kept getting a hint of white tropical flower in the air near me; was looking around for who was wearing it, until I realized it was *me*, LOL.

I think Songes is good for a mood in various kinds of weather. :)

You've inspired me...perhaps I go make a full list of my own...but meanwhile, it was great fun travelling through your own summer perfume shelf. :)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Yay! What a great list... and I am so happy that summer is upon us. I love that image too... so fairytale...

Trish said...

What a wonderful list you have created.

Did you get my email? The offer still stands if you want to try the Daybreak jasmine.


Jenavira13 said...

Rose, keep on enjoying the spring scents, I think in my collection they might be the least used.

Jenavira13 said...

Scentscelf, so good to hear from you! I think my list might be expansive because summer here is so long. I will never give up on my 4711 I use this in glugs. Matin d'Orage is so dependent on the wearer, it really seems to have a million facets. I would love to see you list.

Jenavira13 said...

Daily, so glad you like the image and yes summer is most definately upon us.

Jenavira13 said...

Trish, I feel like such a ditz, I get right back to you.