Wednesday, June 03, 2009

SOTD: Vanille by Calypso St. Celle

Lately I have been having one of those note obsession moments, the one where you are looking for a new note to fall in love with, or in this case looking for a new variation on a note you love, in this case vanilla. For the heck of it I ordered a sample of Vanille by Calypso St. Celle, intrigued by the use of orange blossom. Well this isn't exactly what I was looking for while many have described this as non-foodie, but to me this smells like dulce de leche with a dash of sea salt and airy notes of orange blossom, pretty but not what I am wanting.

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image: At the Seashore by Richard Blossom Farley 1921


Rose said...

anything sea salty pricks my interest- perhaps it's more for you than me!

Jenavira13 said...

Rose, as the day progressed I actually became more impressed with this scent, if your looking for a vanilla, I suggest trying this one out.

Divina said...

I am riding the same obsession wave right this very moment, been looking for a great vanilla for a while. I am going to Paris v. soon and hoping all will be revealed there :P (betting on Le Labo's Paris exclusive... hoping I won't be disappointed) In the event that I *am* disappointed however I might turn to Tom Ford's Vanille Tobacco which I had really liked 2 yrs ago and never purchased.

During the SEARCH I've come across the Maison de la Vanille scents and I really loved a couple of them. The problem is they do not last on my skin at all. After a few minutes I have to struggle to smell them. If you find the one please let me know!!

Divina said...

Me again, sorry to flood with messages, but I got excited finding out that we share the same current obsession and was wondering if you had smelled Indult's Tihota? Awfully late to the party since I have not smelled any of these e(xc)lusive scents, but I am terribly curious about this one as a I am a deep admirer of Kurkjdan....

Jenavira13 said...

Hey Divina,
No problem with the flooding of thoughtful messages and here is the rundown on vanillas:
-Tihota I had a random sniff of this and thought cupcakes.
-Spiriteuse Double Vanille, hmmm maybe too sweet for me just wasn't what I wanted.
-Vanille Intense by Parfums de Nicolai, intensely smoky vanilla, not a whole lot of vanilla really.
-Lann-ael, fruit loops with vanilla.
-Sorry to hear about the La Maison de La Vanilles, those have extreme lasting power on me.

Jenavira13 said...

Vanille Galante- Very pretty salty lily vanilla scent, not what i wanted but still beautiful.